An ancient word in which one is beaten or torchered by the jail man. Usually by a whip, while being tied with a rope on there feet and hands so they can't prevent this from happening.
He was taken to jail for a murder and they flogged him then left him to die.
by Clemsonlover04 April 30, 2017
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A term derived from an ancient torture method "Flogging" in which the torturee is whipped. When an item is "Flogged" it is Sold quickly or Pawned off ; If you "flogged" a dvd you sold it to a friend or relative cheaply and quickly, the dvd was "flogged"
I flogged that DVD Player I jacked to my bitch for 20 squid.
by Strife February 23, 2005
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Flogged is another word for too much or an over is used to reply to an over exaggeration statement or question or anything to be also used when someone goes to far or says something that was un callled for.
Damon:I just banged your mother and then realised how ugly she was
John:That was flogged bro
by bubble boy1234 June 25, 2011
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A term used to denote an ass beating, used by people from Perth
Luke got flogged by some cunt in the city last night”
by Churtothatone October 25, 2019
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1) To beat the crap out of someone.

2) To drink or use drugs to the point just before passing out.
Me and Justin went to da bar and got flogged.
by southern_discomfort81 September 13, 2004
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Someone who is disliked by a person or the public because they lack any credibility or/and tries to be remain relevant within certain circles but comes across as a moron.
That four eyed purple headed warrior of a journalist is the biggest flog associated with the AFL.
by HirdyLannister September 25, 2013
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