Used to describe the middle of a sports ground such as football, basketball, rocket league etc. The main purpose of this must needed word is the fact its a shortened version of the word middle. I do not like the word middle.
*playing footy*

kallum- *running down the wing with the ball*
conor- *exclaiming and out of breath* MIDST!

kallum- *makes a lovely pass to the center of the pitch*
conor- *shoots, misses*
conor- at least it was a good midst tho
kallum- ye i guess
by muph July 19, 2022
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prepostiton: the condition of being among or amid something. Derived from the word mist and can often be used synonymously...
I wet to the toilet in the midst of Anna's shower.
by Jonoboi July 16, 2006
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when there is an enemy spy in the base
engineer:there's a spy in our midst
pyro:*arson intensifies*
by raybeez February 11, 2022
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