A cordless/wireless pair of earbuds that are sold by Apple and stored in a white round case. AirPods are STRICTLY worn by rich people and help them show their superiority. AirPods are also best when they are being used with a wave haircut.
Cord ear-buds guy: "listening to music" "nodding his head to the beat"
AirPods guy: Ew! a guy with "poor" people earbuds!
Cord ear-buds guy: Huh?
Airpods guy: oh, sorry. It's just I didn't know you were allowed to have cord ear-buds in public.

As you can see the man with AirPods is definitely better than the other man.
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by ZZZ-rigster January 17, 2019
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A product created by Apple (yes another one), that looks like you would lose them every time you put them in.
Oh shit I dropped my AirPods, it’s so damn small I can’t find them. Oh well, better waste $150 on those peices of shit.
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by Roland Bates January 24, 2018
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Music is added to an AirPod using AirTunes.

An Airpod is similar to an AirGuitar but the AirPod is a portable music player, Video player and much more...

comes in: AirPod Breeze, AirPod Cyclone, AirPod Classic
Jacob: Hey man let's go rock out to my AirPod

Brandon: Mhm Kay, but I need my AirPhones
by BrandonXD March 23, 2010
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A way for apple users to excuse from rent. Or for rich one's to have a way to say you broke boy twat you don't even have apple and then run off and trip over the poor
Person 1 " mate you got air pods?"
Person 2 " no."
slaps thigh of main bitch then runs off into the Gucci store
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by Litel bump March 03, 2019
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A product by a company called Apple that apparently some people can’t afford but can afford an Iphone X instead. You can use them to listen to music or, as the majority of people would do, flex on the people who can’t afford it.
Guy 1: yooo I just got new airpods!!!
Guy 2: oo shit bro lemme check em out!
Guy 1:*hands him his airpods*
Guy 2: holy shit bro you’re so lucky. My mom would never buy me Airpods :(
Guy 1: just sell your IPhone X
Guy 2:......hell no
by Racistwhitehoe July 09, 2019
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An apple item in which the user can't afford the wire. And can't speak broke.
Me:Hey Kev-
Kevin:What? You👉 want to speak 🗣 with me?😂 Well I got airpods☁️, sorry 🙏😓💦, don't 🚫 speak 🗣 broke. Byeeeee 🤣😆🤗
Me:What the fuck??
by panicmaniac February 14, 2019
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Headphones that are over expensive and give nothing special except for being wireless.
All the kids these days have air pods
by Carlosthe2nd January 23, 2019
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