It is what it is, a broke ass, which means u got no money u broke ass mafucka.
You look like a broke ass Ice T!
by Pavelski8 September 29, 2006
1.concerns a person who is a complete loser or bitch, can pertain to either a person's monetary worth or a person's significance
2.similiar in meaning to (1.), but in this case with regard to a thing, stating that said thing is of little to no worth
1."I can't stand that broke ass Rick. He never shows up when he says he will."
2."My car is totally broke ass. It sounds like I'm driving a lawnmower."
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 25, 2005
Something of lesser quality. A worse version of something else.
by J Mart April 14, 2006
1. When something is broken beyond belief

2. The state of being broke
My dog keeps playing with that broke ass tennis ball.

You broke ass motherfucka.

Look as his broke ass cruisin around town in his broke ass Ford.
by Cinny August 20, 2003
your ass is broken.

no money, pathetic waste of panty space

loves to use women for their money

expects everything to be given to them
hi im a broke ass and i need you to support me.

can i buy me something with your money?

can i borrow some money to buy you something
by cgpm June 13, 2004
To fart, pass gas or an event of flatulence.
Dude! Who broke ass?!
by cine0n November 27, 2004