An even faster way to get girls than wearing gucci
(guy #1 wears gucci)
girl: Wow! Is that gucci youre wearin
guy #1: yeah you like it
girl: of course I do you’re so cool!
(guy #2 walks in with Airpods)
girl: OMG! Are those Airpods
guy #2: Yeah, why aren’t you spending time with me instead of this broke boy. Mafucka can’t even afford Airpods
girl: OMG I’d love to❤️
by Dubiks February 07, 2019
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Only rush people have them
poor guy: hello sir..... can you hear me.

Rich guy: Sorry, but I can’t hear peasants. Only people with AirPods can hear me
by Super64 January 12, 2019
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A device only rich people have.
Girl: Cool Air pods
Boy: Sorry I don't speak broke
by xoxo gi May 30, 2019
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Something people in debt buy just to look cool. Typically they also carry around the newest iPhone to show off further how far into debt they are.
Person 1: Oh god, not another AirPods user.
Person 2: At least I'm not broke.
Person 1: What was that? I don't speak "In Debt".
by DerpBlerpMcGee February 14, 2019
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People usually don't wear them be cause they do want to be considered gay
That air pod user you want you must like guys
by Broke chibba January 29, 2019
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