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A great guy with a big heart. He sometimes doubts himself and gets confused when people do something nice for him. But, honestly, he's one of the best people anyone could know. So dont take advantage of his company, because you'lll regret it.
I love Devyn
by Avatar the last Airbender October 22, 2014
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An awesome girl who people enjoy being around. She can be dirty, but in a humourous way. She is pleasant most of the time, but sometimes can be a bitch. People like her, few love her. Her friends stay friends with her for a long time.
Devyn is awesome, huh?
Nope....kidding, shes epic.
by blahblahpaynus November 14, 2012
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Mostly the popular guy who hangs out at school and smokes weed. Has a big dick. Loyal and trustworthy, won't do anything to hurt you ever. Protective and sweet. Girls want him all the time but he's to busy focusing on what's in front of him. Devyn is very hot.
"daaamn gurl i want me a Devyn"
by vdavid666 December 21, 2014
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Against most popular belief, an extremely beautiful girls name. Extremely uncommon. often a beautiful and talented female.
Jon-"wow that girl is beautiful"

Cory-"yeah, that's the new girl"

Jon-"whats her name?"

Cory-"i think its Devyn"

Jon"-"what a beautiful name."
by alexandrawr February 19, 2009
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Verb. To masturbate with a pillow.
the teenage girl had to devyn lsat night, since her boyfriend never showed.
by monmon May 06, 2007
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1. One who likes to give fellatio.

2. Plays hard to get but is a total slut.

3. An unemployed girl who has sex for expensive bags.
Tom: That girl is so easy.

Adam: I know, I was with her the night before, she's a Devyn.

Tom: At least, I didn't have to spend money on her, like you.

Adam: Well, she's like a whore.
by Iwoveyou February 27, 2012
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Devyn is a sweet, beautiful girl who is extremely athletic, eats alot of food, and has the best friends in the world. She is ready with a shovel when someone offends her friends. She is easy to talk to once you know her, but very sassy when you dont.
she is so devyn!
by Stephenson February 18, 2015
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