An message you send from someones unattended phone (or other unattended electronic devices with messaging) to people in their address book, or an account left logged in (facebook, AIM, email, etc) to their friends to indicate they left their device unattended and/or logged on. Very effective as a facebook status update.

Use caution if the person actually smells.
Mike: I just got a facebook update from Tim that he smells? WTF is that?

Joe: Oh, he must have left his account logged in somewhere. I dont think that he would say "I smell"
by SmittyTheBBB May 3, 2011
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I smell cap basically means you know someone’s lying. This comes from the saying no cap, which means “no lie” or “for real”.
Girl: “I promise I’m not sleeping with anyone.” Guy: “I smell cap.”
by LEG24 November 20, 2019
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Can be said when you sense a cheesy and predictable conversation, scene, or event that is about to happen.

Or can be said when one smells some pressed milk curds.
Girl: I love you.

Guy: I love you too.

Random bystander: I smell cheese..
by MoR.PH June 11, 2011
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1. Danny said he fucked ms.Richards
2. I smell cap Danny would never fuck a female he’s gay
by B1th November 20, 2019
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When you can tell a nigga cappin, ie exaggerating or lying. A whiff of cap is like a strong wet fart, you aint gonna miss it.
by Okmrsaucelord November 20, 2019
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another way to say "i hear you" or "i know what you're sayin"
devon: These niccas just won't get off my ass about this shit.
tremond: ah i know! i smell you man
by Lovin the Ganj November 1, 2006
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