If you wear them in public your basically flexing
Carlos - look jimmy has AirPods he’s so rich
Jeremy - I wish I had AirPods
Carlos - let’s steal them strait out his ears
by the coolest kid in school September 18, 2019
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A device used by rich people that are stuck up as hell.
Broke guy: Hey...
Guy with Airpods in: What? Sorry, I can't hear you. I don't speak broke.
by Fords4Ever February 19, 2019
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Trash that wrecks your ears
Air pods...
by Rapterdragon83 November 25, 2019
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a sign of the rich. only the most supreme of supreme ear bud users understand the ultimate power of the AirPods. Best known to come in pairs. Completely block out the poor/broke/haters
“sorry what? I don’t speak broke. I have AIRPODS.
by okboomerang69 January 11, 2020
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What rich valley girls listen to their Taylor Swift with.
Chloe: Omg im sick of these cheap headphones
Stephanie: you should get AirPods, my t swizzle sounds way clearer with them
by I like avocados November 02, 2019
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An even faster way to get girls than wearing gucci
(guy #1 wears gucci)
girl: Wow! Is that gucci youre wearin
guy #1: yeah you like it
girl: of course I do you’re so cool!
(guy #2 walks in with Airpods)
girl: OMG! Are those Airpods
guy #2: Yeah, why aren’t you spending time with me instead of this broke boy. Mafucka can’t even afford Airpods
girl: OMG I’d love to❤️
by Dubiks February 07, 2019
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