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Patrick Star "RECTANGLES"

Spongebob "Not just any rectangles expensive 1000$ rectangles with screens on them, behold the iPhone X."
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by A human male July 06, 2018
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A massively overpriced 'innovative' phone made by apple. Is primarily used to turn your face into random emojis and using 2% of cpu for posting selfies on instagram'
John - 'I just got the new iPhone X'
Vlaros - 'For ยฃ1200?? That shit better take me on vacation when I put it on airplane mode'
by Spanish Panda September 16, 2017
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A gay ass phone that is too overpriced like tbh, $1000. Y'all fucked up it y'all bought that.
Man: I just bought the iPhone X
Another man: Fuck that shit. I have an iPhone 7 and it's better and cheaper
Man: Well that's true but it has facial recognition.
Another man: It didn't even work when the girl showed it in front of the rich people
Man: Ok stop making fun of me because I got an expensive office that isn't that good.
by Vueboy530 October 15, 2017
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A phone apple pulled from their arses and slapped on Face ID that only works within a 15cm radius, also the improved sket called siri is still as deaf as your gandma listening to that emo shit skrillex.
Person 1: Show how that great iphone x works!
Person 2: let me shit it out.
by Ugandan Knucles January 26, 2018
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The reason why Steve Jobs is turning in his grave due to the new overpriced emoji machine which is the same phone as the last one with a new "improved battery" (as Apple said) to avoid the phone to Slow Down due to the software updates purposely done by Apple so you keep buying new phones every 2 years.
"I love the new emoji funtion on the new iPhone X, don't really need it but my old phone is going slower after the new software update"
by Jonen MC May 06, 2018
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A phone with face scan, good graphics and a huge ass price.

(seriously, just buy a samsung)
Friend: The Iphone X is the best phone ever!
Me: Have fun living in a cardboard box!
by Gameknight64 December 13, 2017
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