A scam coin that is printed out of thin air by the federal reserve and continues to lose its value until eventually becoming worthless through hyperinflation.
Dude1: Wtf, why does that loaf of bread cost $400?
Dude2: Because USD is a shitcoin
by CovidNineteen December 31, 2022
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It will be hard fought and the road ahead is long. But USD know that USD shall be supported in our struggle.
by quan cao tien August 9, 2010
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University of San Diego-a top 100 university in the greatest city on earth. Often called one of the most beautiful campuses on earth, it sits on top of a hill overlooking the ocean and looks like a castle with a huge church built in the middle. With a 2 to 1 girl to guy ratio (rumored to have the 2nd hottest girls ranked by Playboy) and just minutes from downtown San Diego and Tijuana, the location of the school is unbeatable.
I took the trolley from USD to Tijuana last night, got wasted, stopped by the gaslamp for a few more drinks and some how woke up in La Jolla.
by TheGlove May 3, 2005
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The most prestigious private school in San Diego County. USD is home of the Surfer Kings and Beach Queens. The students at USD know how to have a good time. From beach parties do clubbing to going over the border down to Tijuana. Toreros, the University Mascot, know when to hit the books and get serious.

USD is home of the most beautiful people which explains how difficult it is to get in. This school is no joke when it comes down social status. Located on top of the hills in Linda Vista looking over the ocean, USD is it's own utopia. From pristine beaches and wealthy children, USD is the best choice for a Southern California bound student.

The University can best be explicated with the words: WEALTHY, ELITE, SUCCESSFUL.

USD dubbs:
University of Spoiled Delinquents
University of Sexy Dudes
University of Spoiled Daughters
University of Shattered Dreams
University of Stuck-up D*cks
University of Something Drastic
University of Surfer Dudes
"Hey what school do you go to?"
"WHAT!? Wow, how did you manage to pull that off?"
"I don't know, my daddy pulled some strings"
"Wow, and how do you pay for it?"
"Umm, my dad had to sell our 4 beach houses in Key West, he wanted me to feel at home"
by Adam-Brody May 12, 2008
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Abbreviation of "Upstate Standards Disorder." This unfortunate syndrome develops when a young male spends his adolescence in Upstate New York. His standards in women are lowered to a frightening degree. Symptoms include the use of phrases like "Oh my god, I want her bod" in reference to girls who are doughy, pale and lack any redeeming features.

The only known cures are:
1. Moving out of the Upstate area
2. Mercy execution via firing squad
USD victim: "Dude, Rachel is really freakin hot."
Friend:"Really? She's comfortably in the 200s."
by GimmeDaPlasma July 26, 2009
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School that wealthy-ish parents send their kids when they couldn't get into anywhere good
Kid: Mom I didn't get into any top schools!

Mom: That's okay, there's always USD and Pepperdine.
by Redrabbit7 December 14, 2010
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