This mug that you decided to buy from Urban Dictionary because you're an expert memer.
Jenny: This is a weird mug, why did you buy this, it definitely is a waste of money.
Sarah: For the memes Jenny, for the memes!!!
by Jamaican_Cashew July 23, 2018
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in Russian tradition drinking beer without the Vodka (to drink Vodkaless Beer) have no sence, better not to drink than to drink just beer, because beer is light alcohol drink, but russian men's tradition is to drink hard, to show the friends the power of the body possibilities
- What will we drink on your party? what have u bought ?
- Many many beers!

- Have u bought Vodka?
-No, i have responsible next day after party! i dont wanna be dead on next day morn!
- You wanna say that the party will have only beers,. without vodka?
- Yeap...
- I say u, how taught me the GrandDad: Vodkaless Beer is waste of money!
-Okay...Sure...lets go buy some Vodkas...
by KlausBorski October 21, 2020
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When something seems like extraneous or unnecessary effort to do something.
My 50-year-old dad just got carded at the grocery store for buying beer! Now that's just a waste of taxpayer money.
by crazyhalibut February 18, 2011
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"this nigga really wasted their money to buy discord nitro. only stinky dweebs have the ability to use that app"
"an example of wasting your money is buying discord nitro. the fuck is it even used for"
by nigga whats a psyeudowkl July 1, 2022
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