to call somebody an ass hole, just say hello sir, because asshole spelled backwards is elohssa... now say that and it sounds lik ur sayn hello sir in sum kinda accent
mr. johnson:young lady hav u learned anything
girl:hello sir! yes i have
by sweet nightmares November 14, 2005
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what you say to someone when you are of english descent
English man: hello sir, jolly good day!
Normal man: what the fuck?
by fishythebishy December 9, 2009
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An expression meaning to Eat Face, used by politicians, especially Republicans.
Also can be used as a Catch Phrase for Lisa Simpson of "The Simpsons" who is currently the only one on there without one.
But mostly it's a friendly greeting implying to do something digusting.
Hello, sir. How are you. I'm pretty good. How the kids? Good, huh. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you. I LIKE TO EAT FACE!
by Peach July 24, 2003
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