1. Religious ritual, performed, a cleansing of the body.
2. A habit or routine.
Sally performed her morning ablutions which consisted of taking a shower, brushing her hair and teeth.
by Yegge June 16, 2006
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- (In Islam) procedure for washing parts of the body using

water, typically in preparation for formal prayers

called in Arabic "Wudu".
When Muslims perform ablution they wash the face once,

wash both the arms including the elbows once,

Perform masah (the act of ritually cleaning the head or feet with a small amount of water, running the wet hands over the head or feet before prayer) of one-fourth of the head, and finally wash both the feet once up to and including the ankles.
by Iyad Mahdood January 25, 2013
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shit, wash, clean inside and out
I'm so drek after 3 days non stop party, I need to ablute
by luburn May 1, 2016
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To take a shit.

Abbreviated form of ablution, as in ablution block.
"Yo, all that mexican i had for dinner last night is sitting like a brick in my guts."

"Well, dude, go take an ablute then!"
by Bret and Jermaine August 25, 2008
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One of the greatest Call of Duty players. Usually seen playing with inFraReddd
friend 1: "damn man Ablutions just 1v3 clutched!"
friend 2: "yeah man hes pro."
by quickscope721 September 26, 2010
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A place where one goes to excrete human waste.
I require the use of ablution facilities.
by Oil Slick October 7, 2005
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