1. a professional

2. professional

3. a prostitute
That guy is a real pro when it comes to baseball.
by Light Joker December 11, 2004
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1> Dude, did you see that?
2> Yeah! That was pro!
by MoonKnight February 1, 2003
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A professional, someone who operates with exceptional style, grace, and skill, and is usually trained to perform under various levels of time or environmental pressures.
James can flip a dozen pancakes in five seconds, what a pro!
by Balfdor December 5, 2006
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Someone that is good at something like gaming, sport, education
I am pro at this bedwars game
by TearBerry February 21, 2022
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a professional ho.. a prostitute.. straight hoodrat.. a female who has sex with a lot of guys
That nasty girl is a pro.
by Baybee D August 10, 2003
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-Bane of a noob/newb's existence

-Someone who is experienced at a game

-A person that can pwn normal players
Lulz the stupid n00b just got pwned by that pro.
by Tiredofnoobs October 4, 2008
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1)Doing something and getting paid.
2)Your profession. You get paid to carry out your profession.
3)In gaming, if somebody is pro they are very good at the game, although they may or may not have won cash prize tournaments of the game.
4)The pros of an argument/idea/product .etc.
1)Tom is a professional drummer, and he's been paid to play worldwide with various groups.
2)I'm a post man. That's my profession, and i get paid to deliver post.
3)nubz0rcakes_356 is an uber pro at DotA, he pwns.
4)The pros of this product are that it is very cheap and will save alot of energy. The cons are that it isn't resistant to water.
by Aeroastro August 20, 2007
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