Masah means diamond in arabic..
Masahs are usually the best kind of humans to exist.. They are nice, hot, beautiful and they are always ready to help.. If you have a masah in your life then be grateful and thank god for this gift every day and night.. YOU BETTER TREAT THEM RIGHT
Masah is beautiful
Masah is the best
Masah is smart
Masah is gorgeous
by Diamondshere November 22, 2021
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what to say to someone is bossing you around like they own you or something; to be said with a proper southern accent; can be followed with 'right away'
bossy person: 'hey pour me some cap'n crunch'
you: 'yesuh masah' (under NO circumstances do you pour that bowl of cap'n crunch, unless of course you know there is no milk or it is past the expiration date)
by corkstr1017 October 21, 2009
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