The process in which the body removes unwanted material.
To be alive an organism has to be able to excrete.
by Dflameingfury June 29, 2016
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AHh! I am excreting fecal matter everywhere! EVERYWHERE! NOW THAT IS HOW YOU EXCRETE!
by TheExcretiveMan November 7, 2013
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1. Combination of "excitement" and "excretion." Accidental release of the bowels (defecation) during an exciting moment.
On her way through the haunted house, Mary experienced a brief moment of excretement, resulting in a quick trip to the nearest restroom.
by Lars Lentz January 14, 2008
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Taking a shit or piss in a corner of the motherfucking alley
Excretion in an alley is fucking essential
by bitch_nah September 12, 2016
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Wow, how many Omarosa tweets has Trump excreted today?! He is nutso!
by onlinecitizen August 14, 2018
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She laps up my semen excretion like a cat on milk.
by Gar Grim February 3, 2018
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The study and/or formation of excrement (shit) in particular shapes
My baby son's an expert at excretion geometry since he seems to make perfect triangles and blocks out of his own poo!
by Doddi October 2, 2007
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