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-usually a response to a question, but can be used in response to almost anything.

-when used improperly it is a hint for the person talking to shut the fuck up.
Guy1: "Hey guy, you going to the mall tonight?"
Guy2: "Yeah man."

Guy1: "How did you do in calculus class?"
Guy2: (pause)"Yeah man."
by yeah_man January 04, 2008
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an affirmative; usually spoken with a slight nodding of the head.
Guy: Dude, wanna toke up?
Dude: Yeahman!
by k3ll0 April 19, 2009
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A word that combines 'yeah' and 'man'. It is used to confirm something someone else says, in the same way 'yes' or 'of course' does.
Guy #1: Did you see that sexy bitch?
Guy #2: Yeahman. Bitch was bangin'.
by The Goddamn Batking February 06, 2011
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what a sista says about everything...yeah man!
shelbie: " you want to aller a un movie?"
maddy: "yeah man!!"
shelbie: "do you want.."
maddy:"yeah man.!"
by Offs my dudes March 29, 2019
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A term used often times replacing the words such as, "yeah, yes, cheya, fosho."

A term also proving that Lexy straight up sucks balls and is a mexican and that the word "yeahman" is indeed one word ending with an !
by Buhbuhbrandonn December 24, 2008
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an abriviation of a yes and no answer.
commonly used by less developed human beings, in this case nicholas.
(only acceptional when used by female users, i.e frankie)
person 1: you know that nick kid? hes cool..
person 2: YEAH MAN
by in china April 11, 2009
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