-usually a response to a question, but can be used in response to almost anything.

-when used improperly it is a hint for the person talking to shut the fuck up.
Guy1: "Hey guy, you going to the mall tonight?"
Guy2: "Yeah man."

Guy1: "How did you do in calculus class?"
Guy2: (pause)"Yeah man."
by yeah_man January 4, 2008
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what a sista says about everything...yeah man!
shelbie: " you want to aller a un movie?"
maddy: "yeah man!!"
shelbie: "do you want.."
maddy:"yeah man.!"
by Offs my dudes March 29, 2019
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No, it's not mon but man. Yeah, man!
Yeah, man! You can link me later.
by Tropical Rythms December 9, 2021
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an abriviation of a yes and no answer.
commonly used by less developed human beings, in this case nicholas.
(only acceptional when used by female users, i.e frankie)
person 1: you know that nick kid? hes cool..
person 2: YEAH MAN
by in china April 11, 2009
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When you want someone to know that you say no to something, but want to do it extremely sarcastically. Comes from an old vine, in which a guy simply says "haha yeah man" to the camera. It is VERY important you say is sarcastically like in the vine, because if you don't, it can be misunderstood by normies as simply saying "yes"
by The Haha-Yeah Man May 21, 2019
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When you forget to do something or go somewhere because your high, then you asked to do something.
Guy 1: lets go somewhere
Guy 2: im too high dude, but ok

An hour and two biffs later...

Guy 1: come on, are we going then?
Guy 2: shit, yeah man, lets go
by schneaky June 3, 2009
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a way to end your papers, sentences, and long rambling stories with a short and concise phrase.
... and she kept doing this thing called the dance that was really uncomfortable and awkward but it was still a fun night. in conclusion: yeah man
by The juicy juice March 18, 2019
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