15 definitions by Iyad Mahdood

- To take a risk and cheat in a school exam which may result

in gaining high grades.
- to pass and excel at card games, an exam or other

- to ask for the best or the most you could hope for.
- To take a risk which may result in great rewards; to

succeed after taking such a risk.
- To attain great heights, a high value, or a numerically high

- Reham used to be a smart ass, but never gained high marks at school, but once she { shot the moon} in all her final exams, she became one of the first top ten students in the country.
- What? You'll flunk the test? Are you mad? Don't you have eyes to see? Are you driving me nuts? Don't you know that our classmate, Reham, {shot the moon} a week ago and passed with an honor? Go and {shoot the moon} or you will fail.
by Iyad Mahdood January 5, 2013
(1): nothing; zero
(2): energy; vigor.

(3) a worthless person; a person who amounts to zero.

(4) to fasten or unfasten with a zipper.
1. - "I don't know zip about you."

- There was no mail today. Nothing. Zip.

2. "I need something that will give me more zip. "

3. Khalaf is such a zip. No brains in his head at all.

4. Zip your jacket, Reham.
by Iyad Mahdood January 26, 2013
a very talkative person--especially one who says things that should be kept secret.
"Don't say anything to Bob unless you want the whole office to know.
Bob's quite a blabbermouth."
by Iyad Mahdood January 26, 2013
- (In Islam) procedure for washing parts of the body using

water, typically in preparation for formal prayers

called in Arabic "Wudu".
When Muslims perform ablution they wash the face once,

wash both the arms including the elbows once,

Perform masah (the act of ritually cleaning the head or feet with a small amount of water, running the wet hands over the head or feet before prayer) of one-fourth of the head, and finally wash both the feet once up to and including the ankles.
by Iyad Mahdood January 25, 2013
- I cannot focus; I need a fag.
- Reham, an underaged, smokes 50 fags a day.
by Iyad Mahdood January 25, 2013
gut (1): a person's stomach; belly.

guts (2): courage.

guts (3): the nature of something.
1."Reham is getting a big gut because she loves chocolate, ice cream and beer!"

2."It took a lot of guts to ask his boss for a raise."

3."Let's get to the guts of our teacher Iyad Nemer!"
by Iyad Mahdood January 26, 2013
make an "A" on a test, homework assignment, project, etc.
Reham, somebody said you aced the test. That's great!
by Iyad Mahdood January 25, 2013