A game that makes people think that they are gun experts after playing.
Person 1: "Look at this dude. It's an original AK47!"

Person 2: "You're a fucking idiot. It's clearly an AK74U with a retractable stock, dumbass."

Person 1: "Shut the fuck up, you play Call of Duty."
by StoutShako March 30, 2014
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An amazing way to keep your virginity
Girl: Hey, you wanna come over?

Guy: Nah im playing call of duty
by TheGreatestManThatEverLived March 14, 2010
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A shooter game full of lag server bullshit, campers, noobs, noobtubers, 360 fanboys, spammers, little kids, and hackers. Join a match and you spawn and you already get killed by a chopper gunner killing everybody in the same spawn point. You steal someone's care package and later you receive a message by the "owner of the care package" cursing you out calling you a faggot because there was a gunship inside it. You also spawn and you get killed by a random tomahawk, and then you hear people screaming and getting orgasms over the mic because of how "epic that was". You slam your console and start going super saiyan in your room and next day you go on youtube and there you are on the featured video of "Epic Tomahawk Kill across the map". Next day you play search and destroy and while you are defusing the bomb 3-3 tied and suddenly you get knifed. You and everyone else look at the ending killcam and you are getting teabagged and raped and then knifed. You kick your console and it shuts down and you turn super saiyan 9000.
*Player gets noobtubed*
Player: What the f*ck man?! I hate noobtube campers! Ima kick your ass you f*cking cheater. Ima no scope your ass so you feel embarrased you fag!
*Player turns around a corner and no scopes and misses in front of his face and then he gets knifed*
Player:.............................i quit this sh*t. Call of duty is garbage! I swear this game is garbage!
by EpicKnight February 22, 2011
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FPS game.

Same shit. Different year.
I miss those times when a sequel in Call of Duty wasn't the same over-used garbage from 2007.
by raexe December 22, 2011
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A game that used to be good, but then everyone in the world got it and ruined it
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was good for the first month, but then the noob invsasion of christmas 2009 came and blew it
by myironlung215 April 9, 2011
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The ultimate attractor of underaged 11 year olds. An epic campaign journey through Amurica where you kill the bad guy, and the developers throw in random story parts to make it seem like you are not ONLY killing the bad guy, even though you still are. The final "boss" is always about to kill you every time, but some miraculous detail saves you, such as: Slippy concrete, your friends ability to headlock, the bad guy being distracted by your friend who was just head locking him, your friend being nice enough to kill himself to help you kill the bad guy, the combination of the latter and water, your friend AGAIN, or your ability to miraculously catch 44. Magnum bulletsbeing thrown at you, and a convenient to the story mechanical arm. After you finish the same ending for the 14th time, dive into competitive multiplayer, where the 11 year olds have made their evil nests. Create your own load out for the next mission with cool weapons, gadgets, and perks. Meet the youtubers who devote their lives to this game, and can casually get the game ending 25 kill chain that makes you want to destroy your console, like lots of people do. (Seriously, go look up "Kid smashes Xbox on call of duty"). Then play the survival mode of the game, with either ZOMBIES, ALIENS, OR MORE ZOMBIES. Have fun. LAG CHANGES EVERYTHING.
Yesterday on call of duty, a 2 year old cursed at me like 57 times!
by Tacoman417 December 9, 2014
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1. A silent call to enlist in the military

2. An overrated piece of crap that baits lifeless 10-year olds into thinking war is a game.
Idiot: 1M4 G0 PL4Y C0D

Another Idiot: G00D! 1'LL J01N Y0UR S3RV3R

Person: There's more to the Call of Duty than THAT...
Idiot: D3R3 1S? *mind is blown*
by InvisibleWater June 30, 2012
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