Slang shorthand for "amazing".

Can be spoken or written. It is derived from the Southern English use of "A to the Maze" when describing something as amazing, which in turn has been shortened to "A to", or simply "A2".
That stunt was A2.
Wow, that was totally A2.
Did you see the paintwork on that car? A2, man, A2.
by cretbongler December 14, 2017
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just another way to say Ann Arbor, the home of the Michigan Wolverines.
by Doc February 15, 2005
Get the A2 mug. quickly cut somebody really big down to size in a spectacularly public and disloyal way.
Disrespectful verbal missile.
After 'Et tu Brutus' a famous line from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare.
2.Adjective. A paper size = 4 x A4s.
A much bigger but proportionate version of an A4 sheet.
'She really A2ed the boss at the staff meeting.'
'I can't wait to A2 that conceited fecker.
'He was A2ed in the tabloids'

by dammgram November 24, 2008
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Vitamin A2 is Arecoline Hydrobromide (Otherwise known as ArcoFuel). It's a stimulant, makes you remember more, makes you happier, and is the antidote to scopolamine (burundanga) poisoning. Vitamin A2 (Arecoline Hydrobromide) makes you drool a little more as a side effect, while scopolamine temporarily turns you into a forgetful zombie that obeys criminals. Vitamin A2 is also good as a study aid, to get high, and as a pre-workout.
Tyler: I took 4mg of Vitamin A2 before working out. I feel happy and energetic.
by CognitiveFuel March 11, 2023
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Be like Satchin Rowe!
Drink the best milk now #a2 milk is bay
Hey did you get a2 milk or browns milk
Ok do ur not gay
by a2 milk November 11, 2020
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1.) v.- when a male pulls-out of an (prefferably female) ass and proceeds to give her/him a good, hot chozz wozzlin.
(v.)Cassandra asked for a hot reverse blumpkin, but opted for the a2 wozzle.
(n.) In the morning, the a2-wozzle reminded her of what an awesome night Cassandra had.
by the manor June 24, 2006
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