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A cold pill is a pill that can help fight a cold and flu.

Cold Medicine Ingredients and Flu Medicine Ingredients
Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and fever reducer that you'll find in many cold and flu products.
Diphenhydramine HCI. Diphenhydramine is a antihistamine that helps with allergies.

Dextromenthorphan HBr. Dexdromethorphan is a cough suppressant.
Phenylephrine HCI. Phenylephrine relieves nasal congestion.
Guaifenesin. Guaifenesin is an expectorant. It's good for coughing out the mucus that is inside you.

A cartoon version of a cold pill is Drix from Osmosis Jones and Ozzy and Drix.
Tyler: I have a cold. I think I'll eat some chicken soup.

*sort of works but not much.
Tyler: I think I'll take a cold pill.

*Takes a cold pill
*Drix enters the body
*Osmosis Jones (Ozzy) and Drix fights off the common cold.
*5 days later.

Tyler: Hey! I don't have the common cold anymore.
by CognitiveFuel March 11, 2023
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The pieces of popcorn that don't pop even though you put 2 minutes and shake the bag. Flopcorn might seem like a bad thing, but if you think about it, flopcorn means less popcorn to steal flavor from the other popcorn, and a more buttery, saltier popcorn.
I ate all the popcorn and found flopcorn in the bottom of the bag, it was disappointing, but then I think back to how much better the other popcorn taste, then cheered up.
by CognitiveFuel March 11, 2023
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A cigarette is tobacco that is pre-wrapped. A single cigarette is called a loosie, while a box of cigarettes generally contain 18 cigarettes. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a stimulant, relaxant, and cognitive enhancer (although nicotine is generally addictive). The problem is that cigarettes also contain over 600 cancer causing chemicals which can be bad for you when smoked (burned and inhaled). An alternative is called a vape. Vaping is inhaling a vapor with nicotine and glycerin (vegetable glycerol) and propylene glycol. Vaping is at least 95% less dangerous than smoking and, unlike nicotine patches and gum, vape is actually way more effective at helping you quit smoking. The vaping flavors help too. Cigarettes used to be cool, but now vaping is cool. Smoking and vaping is for people 18 years of age or older in some places, 21 years of age or older in other places. It's the chemicals in cigarettes that cause lung cancer, not the nicotine. If you still want to smoke, go ahead, but consider switching to vaping.
Josh: You should quit smoking Stan. Try vaping!
Tawna: Yeah Stan. Try vaping!
Stan: OK. This is my last cigarette. I will switch to vaping.

*Smokes the last newport cigarette.

*The next day

Stan: *Vapes juul
Josh: Good job Stan!

Tawna: Yeah! Good job!
by CognitiveFuel January 9, 2023
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Cocaine is brokane is a phrase to warn you how dangerous cocaine is. It sounds like cocaine is broken.
Dennis tried cocaine and got addicted, now he's living in the streets. Cocaine is brokane!
by CognitiveFuel July 12, 2023
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Crystal Speed is Speed (Amphetamine, Ethylamphetamine) or Blue Speed that has been crystallized. Most Speed is white, but some Speed is blue or even other colors like yellow, cheese colored, orange, red, purple, green, or blue green. Crystal speed is much safer than Crystal meth (methamphetamine). Stack Crystal Speed with 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone
I crystallized speed (ethylamphetamine) in isopropyl alcohol and got crystal speed.
by CognitiveFuel December 7, 2022
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TP-Br is 2-ThioPhenyl Bromide. TP-Br (2-ThioPhenyl Bromide, 2-thienylbromide, and 2-Bromothiophene) can be synthesized by bromination of Thiophene (TP-H, ThioPhenyl Hydride) with bromine in Carbon Tetrachloride. TP-Br is used as an intermediate to synthesize TP2P (ThioPhenyl-2-Propanone) by reacting it with ethyl acetoacetate and sodium ethoxide and CuI (Copper iodide) catalyst.
I synthesized TP2P using the TP-Br and ethyl acetoacetate.
by CognitiveFuel August 5, 2023
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4-MAX is an abbreviation for 4-Methylaminorex. It's a stimulant stronger than methamphetamine. While it causes no brain damage and last 12 to 16+ hours, it causes lung damage (cough up blood, hospitalizations, death).
Dennis: I tried 4-MAX and now I'm hospitalized! Curse you 4-MAX! More like death dust!
by CognitiveFuel September 11, 2023
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