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Used to refer to MDMA, but now refers to a variety of MDxx chemicals combined with a low dose of 2C-I(although not to all MDxx). Molly refers to MDxx which turns purple during a Marquis regent test. The low dose of 2C-I is usually added because 2C-I's a strong clean safe stimulant at low doses (usually because with the exception of MDMA, all MDxx class of compounds have less stimulant effects). Molly has euphoric effects that affects norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. It's usually found in the form of crystals, in ecstasy pills, and in powdered form in capsules. Molly and safrole are becoming rarer and rarer.
Dude 1:Where's the molly.
*ten years later*
Dude 1:Yes! Finally! I finally got the molly! This rave is rolling!
by CognitiveFuel September 24, 2013

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It's liquid DFE(1,1,-difluoroethane) that's commonly sold in certain stores as computer duster. It is used when neither dry ice or liquid nitrogen is obtainable. It's usually used for science, to freeze things, or just for fun cooling thermometers, water, or some insects. The computer duster can is used for dusting off the dust from computers using the DFE gas. however, when turned upside-down, it provides a frostbite causing super-cold liquid that's -25 degrees Celsius(-12 degrees Fahrenheit) or colder. It is sometimes(very very rarely) used to try to liquefy formaldehyde or other gases, but due to the toxicity of these gases, a gas mask is recommended. It can liquefy butane, a far less toxic, but highly flammable gas. Getting Homeless man's liquid nitrogen on skin can be deadly, as frostbite can occur. It's a cryogenic liquid.
Dude, I just froze some cockroaches, a container of water, and liquefied a gas using Homeless man's liquid nitrogen.
by CognitiveFuel November 01, 2013

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A nootropic, or smart drug, is any non-toxic substance that can increase cognition, memory, focus, energy, proble solving skills, mood, motivation, strength, agility, dexterity, coordination, lifestyle and/or reduce anxiety. Nootropics are typically non-toxic smart drugs. A nootropic typically has little to no side effects at appropiate doses and have little to no chance of causing addiction or serious withdrawal symptoms. Nootropics usually have little to no side effects. Intentional misuse by taking massive overdoses can be harmful or fatal. Not all cognitive enhancers are nootropics. Some nootropics increase energy, some increase memory and problem solving skills, and some nootropics decrease anxiety.
school student 1: I've got all this work to do and it's hard!
school student 2: Just try some nootropics. They're non-toxic smart drugs that make studying easier.
school student 1: really?
school student 2: Yes. Infact, some nootropics even induces brain cell growth.
Here's some cyclopentamine.
school student 1: Wow! Now I have much more energy and focus!
Cyclopentamine, 1-Cyclopentyl-2-AminoPropane, Phenylpiracetam, low doses of 2C-I, low doses of 2C-D, tametraline, low doses of 2C-C, phenibut, NSI-189, low doses of shrooms, aniracetam, Arecoline, 2C-NPH (2C-G-N) and Fluorenol are all nootropics.
by CognitiveFuel October 16, 2014

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Euchemics is the belief and/or practice of improving the quality of the human population(sometimes, even to the point of upgrading people to become superhuman) through designer drugs, anti anxiety drugs, safe stimulants, medicines, certain psychedelics, Nootropics, and research chemicals in combination with a healthy lifestyle. It's upgrading humanity, sometimes to the point of becoming superhuman. It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human life through responsible use of non-toxic drugs to achieve higher intelligence, treat mental illnesses, increasing strength, increasing life-span, curing deseases, and the ultimate goal of near indestructability. Also to reduce the number of people who use toxic drugs by educating society to say no to toxic drugs and using non-toxic drugs as an alternative. The ultimate goal of euchemics is achieving near indestructability. Side goals of euchemics include, super happiness, societal peace, superpowers, superhuman intelligence, ect.
Dude 1: I just consumed a small amount of GBL to deal with anxiety.
Chick 1: I consumed prolintane, phenylpiracetam and fluorenol to help me study.
Dude 2: I mixed cyclohexylaminopropane in this juice I drank to run the 3 K race.
All three: We upgraded ourselves with euchemics. All right!
by CognitiveFuel November 25, 2014

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Vitamin P is code for Prolintane. Prolintane is a stimulant of norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitors developed in the 1950s. This is a pretty awesome stimulant that is sometimes used by overachievers and nootropic freaks. The dose range is 20mg to 40mg and the duration is 7 hours to over 12 hours. It is a mild stimulant with a very good safety profile. It works best if cycled(some time on Vitamin P, some time off Vitamin P). It has recently gained popularity among college students and professionals. The one side effect is that you may become a chatterbox while on Vitamin P. Prolintane is a nootropic with a better safety profile than propylhexedrine, cyclopentamine and caffeine. Prolintane is often referred to as Vitamin P and can go for as much as $20 dollars per 40mg dose. Doses of 40mg or more or continual use without breaks makes you hyper. Vitamin P makes you courageous, but you may seem to bold and occasionally act like a talkative nutbar. Your mind would literally feel like it's been overclocked. Vitamin P has no withdrawal effects and seems like a hybrid of caffeine

and NZT-jr.
College student: Dude! I got so much work to do and all these classes and homework.
College student 2: I've got some Vitamin P!
College student: How much? I really have so much work, I'll need a super brain for it all.
College student 2: I'll give you 100mg for $20.
College student : Cool!
3 weeks later!
College student: I'm amazed by the increase in organization skills, better memory and focus, more energy, and lack of withdrawal simptoms. It's best in the morning though. I feel great! This is like the precious NZT and it's all mine. ALL MINE! Must stock up on prolintane, hydrafinil, phenylpiracetam hydrazide, and all cognitive enhancing substances.
College student 2: I've think you've gone mad with power.
College student: Of course I did! Have you ever tried going mad without power?! It sucks! Nobody listens to you.
-10 years later-
College student 2: You're a professional?
College student: Sure! I owe it all to healthy living, going gluten free because I'm gluten intolerant, plenty of excersice, and good old fashioned prolintane. PROLINTANE!
College student 2: Stop biohacking!
College student: NEVER! As long as I cycle my nootropics, stay healthy, and take supplements and breaks, I'll becoome a galactic overlord.
by CognitiveFuel December 18, 2014

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An eugeroic is any drug that acts as wakefulness enhancers. Wakefulness enhancers make it possible to stay up longer while temporary avoiding the psychotic side effects of sleep deprivation. Eugeroics means "causing good wakefulness and arousal". Eugeroics act differently than stimulants in that stimulants cause alertness, focus, and motivation; while eugeroics cause wakefulness and can restore restfulness (especially in sleep deprived people). Eugeroics tend to be much subtler, though they will keep you awake for hours until the eugeroic wears off. Eugeroics will keep you up for hours durong the night while leaving you feeling oddly well rested if taken at night. Eugeroics allows you to stay awake longer. Eugeroics can also be used im the mornong to wake up better and stay awake. They can also be used in the afternoon or during a boring lecture to combat sleepiness and stay awake for hours. Eugeroics are not a sleep replacement, but an answer to a lack of proper sleep and drowsiness. Eugeroics make it easy to stay awake during boring work or boring classes and may also mildly increase confidence
confidence, alertness, and motivation. Eugeroics work in the opposite way of antihistamines. While antihistamines reduce reactions to allergies and causes drowsiness, eugeroics increases reactions to allergies and produces wakefulness. It's wise to avoid allergens like wool, dust, hay, wheat and gluten while on eugeroics.
Woman: I took 75mg fluorenol in the morning and it woke me up better than coffee.
Dude: I took 50mg fluorenol every four hours to help me study at night and I pulled off an all nighter. Wakes me up better tha modafinil.
Modafinil and adrafinil are examples of eugeroics, but have too many side effects, interact negatively with too many nootropics, and may cause dependence. Hydrafinil(Fluorenol) is a better example of a eugeroic, has stronger wakefulness enhancing effects than modafinil, stacks well with nootropics instead of interacting negatively with them, and is cheaper than modafinil.
by CognitiveFuel April 08, 2015

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High grade ecstasy (MDA) pills or crystals or powder of nearly pure MDA. Crystals are often sky blue, light purle, or white to off white in appearance. May contain MDMA, but is mostly MDA. Other names include matrix ecstasy, sky, and glitch-E.
This is the best Jenny ever! I had the beat roll ever! Awesome desert rave! Sure beats that molly crap.
by CognitiveFuel April 08, 2015

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