•U of M is the abbreviation of university of Michigan.

•One of the oldest state colleges.

•Located in Ann Arbor

•Large campus

•Very old buildings

•One of the best colleges in the world
by Sportsstaraddi March 09, 2014
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A pun on "The University of Michigan" intended to identify Macomb Community College, which is currently established on Michigan State Highway 59.
Student 1: Hey, I'm going to Michigan State for college dude, where are you going?
Student 2: U of M-59.
Student 1: Ahhh the Wolverines... nice.
Student 2: Errr, you're referring to the U of M. And we're the Monarchs (as in butterflies) by the way.
by Thunder from down under April 07, 2009
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Term used to describe the lowering of standards of physical attractiveness which almost inevitably occurs when attending the University of Michigan. The phenonemon is caused by a prolonged exposure of the male student population to a mostly unattractive female student body (i.e a five becomes a nine because the highest number is a six). Only in leaving the Ann Arbor campus are the goggles removed and the true distortion of the level of physical attractiveness realized.
Ted: "Wow, I visited Michigan State last weekend and the girls are so much hotter. I never realized how fugly (and snobby) the girls in Ann Arbor are."

Ted's friend: "Dude, its the U of M goggles."
by c_U_there August 24, 2007
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The thing that comes out of penis or vagina
Girl: IM C U M
Guy: ok
by Lilbitch96 March 25, 2021
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grum. the fastest and highest jumping whorse in all of the possible minecraft worlds. lanhams son/lover and cum buddy. the living form of resurrected jesus h crust. the man, the myth, the absolute legend. your local titty fucking boss bitch whorse in diamond whorse armor.
g r u m and i are watching the sunset uwu
by pussyfucker69420 January 23, 2021
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A typical dutch person called Dion, With very much CLOUT
Look at the C L O U T M A S T E R he is so perfect.
by The real Feddeus January 21, 2019
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A funny and/or sophisticated way to say eat. mostly used by the meme man and memers as well as intellectual people and British people when used in a intellectual way it normally isn't spaced out and in full caps.
Memer: Father I must C O N S U M E something for I am starvation

Smart Dad: Son I know we do not have any consumables to consume at the current time period.
by The funny guy at school September 22, 2020
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