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Rowe is a name of a sweet guy. He knows how to make a girl laugh and smile. To truly make them happy. Rowe can be a bit of a hardass sometimes, that is because he knows you can be stronger emotionally and physically. He is a person who seems tough on the outside. Although he is a touch, strong man, once you get to know him, he’s got the quirkiest personality. A child at heart. He loves to play around and likes hugs. Rowe is typically a loyal and truth worthy person. When he likes someone, he will stick with that person though difficult situations. He truly loves and cares for them.
My friend Rowe is on hard on me because he loves me. He knows I can do better.
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by Foot lettuce November 29, 2018
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Rowe is sometimes defined as a beautiful, gorgeous energetic woman who doesn’t need help with anything. She seems to have everything under control even when things don’t go her way. She still raises her head up high like the queen she is.
by Judgethegr8 May 19, 2019
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Only place in the world where you can love the system, love freedom, and love everyone without any effort.
Rowe is my home
by Worldwarthreeblues October 07, 2009
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Surname of extremely good looking, albeit ginger, bloke. Also see "big penis" and "Chav hater".
"oooh look at that chavster, watch it, he might knife you"
by Anon November 01, 2004
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Someone Who Will Whine Just So The Teacher Gives Him A Better Grade!

Oh he didn't just whine his way to a better mark did he? what a rowe!
by The_Wittness April 28, 2009
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