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Semi-derogatory, tinged with envy.
He's an awful fecker.
You're a lucky fecker.
by DaveG July 10, 2003
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A nice way of saying fucker mostly used by irish people.
From the word feck made famous by Father Ted
Vishti is a fecker,That fecking fecker is a feckhead
by PaulMcA June 06, 2005
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A term used by the Irish, usually meaning fucker. Made famous by the TV show "Father Ted". According to a news paper, fecker and feck aren't bad words.
"You lucky fecker, ya!"
"You.... you.... FECKER!"
by "Pen Rua" July 28, 2009
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Pertaining particularly to the crowd of bar going loose women in the Pittsburgh area who consider themselves to be models. These gals can be spotted performing "photo shoots" all around the city with creepy half rated photographers and all seem to have the idea that they are the next best thing in the modeling world. The majority of the ladies do not have the looks or work ethic to back up this concept but do partake in enough drugs to create the illusion that they're about to be big time. The name comes from Angie Fec, a local designer of a label called "Sew Addicted" who organizes many of Pittsburgh's fashion shows and uses these women to further her own career.
Q: Why does that girl think so highly of herself?
A: She's a fecker.
by PGHRJL June 01, 2010
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1. Person of the nation of Feckuador.
2. Feckuadorian currency.
3. Toasthouse Heffa.
1. Look at those Feckers over there.
2. You're trying to pay me in Feckers?
3. What an ugly, stupid, smelly fecker.
by Slappy McNutts April 28, 2004
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A lover or friend. Originating from the use of the word "Feck," meaning love.
I feck you so much! (I love you so much!)

I SO feck that shirt! (I love that shirt)

Hey Fecker, whats up? (Hey Buddy, whats up?)

**Simply substitute the word love, with "feck"**
by Miz Lincoln July 30, 2005
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