Perhaps one of the most misunderstood rulers of the ancient world. As polarizing today as perhaps in ancient times.

Julius Caesar began his early life by fleeing the City of Rome when then Dictator Sulla asked for his death. A compromise was made and Caesar was allowed to return.

His campaigns as a Roman General are some of the greatest triumphs in Military History.

From His conquering of Gaul (modern day France)and Britain to his Consulship along side his rival Pompey Magnus, Caesar was well known and popular with the people of the Republic.

When he was assassinated by the Senate, history was repeating itself as the Roman Senate had already accomplished the same with several other rulers. This in itself may have been the reason the Republic fell and the Roman Empire began.
Julius Caesar was popular among the Roman Plebeians.
by Amadscientist April 17, 2009
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The most gangster ruler of everyone's favorite Ancient civilization, Rome.
Said to have been killed on the Ides of March (March 15th) by a coup put together by Brutus and Cassius.
And they are now on the bottom layer of hell getting eaten by satan, as said by Dante's Inferno.
Julius Caesar: "I came, I saw, I conquered"
by Sheldon Jefferson January 23, 2007
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1. (v) The act of suprise attacking someone with an extreme advantage in numbers with any type of weapon, from fists to guns.
Kid1: Hey what happened to Jim?

Kid2: Oh didn't you hear? Some kids pulled a Julius Caesar on his ass.

by Reno25555555 March 18, 2009
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A past ruler of ancient Rome. Hated by one, Gretchen Weiners.
(talking about Julius Caesar) - ''Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant why we all try not to get smooshed under his big feet! What's so great about Caesar hm? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar, Brutus is just as smart as Caesar; everyone likes Brutus just as much as Caesar; And when did it become OK for someone to be the boss of everybody! because that is NOT what Rome is about. We should all totally just STAB CAESAR!''
by HermitTheFrog November 4, 2012
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Was killed by his subordinates
Some guy "You can't trust someone who isn't willing to subordinate themselves."

Hym "Julius Caesar was killed by his subordinates. Lenin was killed by Stalin. Stalin was subordinate Lenin. Cain was subordinate to Abel in a certain context. I mean do you even hear yourself!? You can almost exclusively NOT trust subordinates. That statement was the exact opposite of truth. Yet there you stand. Flashing your ethos card and being wrong."
by Hym Iam August 1, 2022
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It means cool. Surfer dudes and knight cosplayers typically use it. It sometimes also means « Kiss me, bro! »
« YOOOO, Julius Caesar please!! »
« Ight say less »
by Excitedexcitement101 August 18, 2021
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