The act of using padding on the chest, thighs and bottom and cinching of the waist to create a feminine shape and proportions
The drag queen had a pancake booty and broad shoulders. She did not know a thing about proportionizing
by Lady Lohita April 29, 2018
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The proportionation of that girl is amazing. i.e. she has a nice figure
by tcal June 14, 2007
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When all areas of the female body are on point. Literally. Literally pointing in all the right directions. Well proportioned.
Damn, Katy's tight. Her body be just proportionating like it's her job!
by I. Ferrari May 27, 2014
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Increasing the aesthetics of the human body. Getting tight. Making oneself look amazing.
I think she's proportionating bro. Her legs, her boobies, and her booty look swole!
by I. Ferrari May 27, 2014
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A person who when you see them looks built strangely. This does not apply to people with any form of disability or a midget. Someone who is proportionally inaccurate looks as if when god was creating them he skipped a few steps or messed up when doing the math to find the right proportions.
My math teacher kinda walks funny. I think it may be due to her proportionate innacuracy. Shes proportionally inaccurate
by Mynameisrrlakeoswego November 7, 2009
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A term used to describe two or more amounts, physical or metaphorical, that seem to take on a property of percentage. That is, when one amount rises, the other must drop in order to keep the maximum percentage at one hundred. (100%) This normally works against someone, especially the one who points out the counter-proportion.
It seems like the amount of friends a guy has on MySpace or Facebook is counter-proportionate to how many friends he has in real life.

God, it seems like the more this kid I'm babysitting likes a toy, the more noise it makes, the less I can enjoy myself while I'm watching him. Money be damned, I'm not doing this anymore.
by Vardinator September 5, 2009
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When things are in proportion, they are proportionate — their relative magnitudes are in balance and make sense the way they are. When the punishment fits the crime, it's proportionate.
Artists, designers, architects, and plastic surgeons are all people who care deeply about whether things are proportionate. After all, if you give someone a nose job and their nose turns out too small, it won't look proportionate. And that's just in the visual sense. The old adage "No use crying over spilled milk" is just a way of saying that tears aren't proportionate to such a minor accident. Tears are proportionate when you crash your car, lose your fortune, or don't get into college.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd October 23, 2019
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