earnings obtained from an event or activity.
“ looking at the proceeds of rap music on my wrist (watch)”
by The Lyrical Assassin April 24, 2021
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Noelle: L... Look, Kris! Another puzzle! H... How should we solve it this time?
Kris: Proceed
quick time skip
Puzzle: I am become ice cube

Berdly: Getting stronger... how? Kris, what are you doing!?
Kris: Proceed
quick time skip
Berdly: I am become ice cube
by ramisrealer October 9, 2021
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noun: this term refers to a typo in a text message.
Ignore that last proce. What I meant to say was....
by Pricemaster September 9, 2020
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a stud, short in stature, who is young enough to tease and old enough to please. Proce is most commonly referred to as an "OG" and can wiggle the sticks with the best of them
That's guy with all those girls over there must be a proce
by rhughes88 February 18, 2015
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New word teen use to basically say move the fuck around or do you.!
TIA:bitch you get on my nerves i swear when i see you im beating your ass.
AMY:bitch you better proceed off my team!
by PROCEED April 9, 2008
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this is a phrase said when some thotie is either crazy, boring, stupid or whatever the fuck, but she has some mighty fine cheeks so u just tickle her insides then promptly leave
yo this girl has some FINE tits but shes dumb as shit, i think imma just breed and proceed
by m4rk0n1 October 4, 2019
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The Proce hyena has, by far, the largest clitoris in the animal kingdom.

In the case of this animal, the vulva is fused, and the clitoris is used for urination, mating (the clitoris contracts, while the opening widens to allow penetration) and giving birth. To make matters even more complicated, the females also have a fake scrotum made by the enlarged, joined vulva, and pseudo-testes filled with fatty tissue.

For a long time, the species was believed to be hermaphrodite.

Subordinate female individuals lick the clitoris of a higher-ranked female as a clear sign of submission and obedience.
No, she's not a lesbian, she's just a Proce hyena.
by Wortstein March 31, 2010
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