A magical place where one day it's 80℉ and sunny, and the next day is 30℉ and snowy. Also, the people wear short sleeves and shorts when it's 50℉.
Bob: Why is Jacob wearing shorts? It's fucking freezing out!
Sam: Dude, chill, he's from Michigan.
by SavagePancakesYeah May 30, 2017
1. The state where you can have 70 degrees and sun one day and a snowstorm the next.

2. A state where you can't keep a job because everything's either downsizing or moving to mexico.
Michigan... I'm unemployed and cold... wheeeee!!
by JenThe80'sFan January 28, 2004
First line of defense against the canadians.
The canadians were planning to attack, but their efforts were thwarted due to the wonderful defenses of Michigan.
by CanadianHater247 September 7, 2008
The high five of America!

If some one asks you where your from and you live in Michigan you hold up your hand and just point it out

"I'm freezing my ass off but at least I live in the high five of America!"

Floridian: "Where are you from in Michigan ?"
Michigander: holds up hand, and points "Well yall, right about here, how bout you?"
Floridian: Whips out dick "right near the tip"
by Brittvj October 7, 2007
A state surrounded by water and filled with corn. The most random incredible shit comes from Michigan, despite it being one of the most boring places on earth, examples of this are: the automobile, the original snowboard, and rapper Eminem. If there was ever a song indirectly written about Michigan it would've been Hot n Cold by Katy Perry, because Michigan weather can be sunny shorts and flip flops weather all day, and then you'll get hit by a blizzard that night. There's jack shit to do in Michigan so most Michigan teens spend the average Friday night smoking weed and terrorizing Michigans chain grocery store, Meijer.
Michigan teen #1: Hey man what do you wanna do tonight?
Michigan teen #2: Idk, wanna get high and go to Meijer?
by BridgeTroll69 March 22, 2017
The state that is shaped like a boxing glove. Makes sense because that state kicks ass. Largest city is Detroit, which is well over 80% black. Is followed in population by Grand Rapids.
Michigan Artists: Kid Rock, Eminem, Taproot, Andrew W.K., lead singer of New Radicals, Madonna.
by Bush Fan November 30, 2004
The only state where you can hold up your hand, point, and say i live THERE -> because your hand is your map

a state where it can be 30 degrees one day, and 80 degrees the next

resident have there own pick up line, 'Will you hold my map?'
i live in Michigan, it's cold.
'Will you hold my map?' is my favorite pickup line.
by lucky389 June 8, 2011