The number that falls between 68 and 70 having absolutely no relation with anything sexual in any way.
John: Dude, me and Cindy totally 69'd last night!
Frank: You mean....
John: Yeah dude! We even took turns!
Frank: WHAAA?
John: Yeah, y'know. I say one, she says two.. AND SO ON! :D
Frank: ....Oh.... :D
by Dennis Westower April 30, 2011
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A number nerds put infront of their screen names when they think they are being funny or creative.
Joey: Hey bob look at my screen name its skater69. hahaha aren't i cool?

Bob: Yes, now lets go play Everquest, then read some world of warcraft novels, and magic the card game.
by Action Hank April 11, 2006
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a sexual intercourse position, where thefamale sucks the males's penis and the male licks her vagaina
who about some 69 baby!
by heesh April 04, 2002
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a strenuous activity in which a male must lick a female's lower body opening in order to pleasure her while the female can easily access his dodongo and enjoy sucking on it, forcing the male to have to concentrate on the sensations he is receiving in his penis while also on the sensations he is trying to help his partner achieve
i had it rough last night......69

Let's do 69!

How bout we pleasure each other orally by you sucking my penis and I eat your vagina for dinner?
by Charlie Batch December 05, 2009
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A position where the male licks the female's vagina and the female sucks the male's penis...could be used for male on male or female on female action it should not be considered intercourse because it is only oral...fun position that every one talks about and makes jokes about untill they experience it for the first time.
most popular number spoken about by teens next to 420.
- "i b 6 u b 9" - "how bout we 68 and I'll owe you 1"
by Henry Hennessy February 13, 2004
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The highest number you can do as factorial on a standard calculator. 70 causes mathematical eroor.
69! = very big number
by Gaterz March 26, 2004
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where a girl lays on top of the guy and sucks his dick while he licks her pussy...which looks like a 69...
or could be male on male
female on female...
man last night was fun as fuck we 69'd...i licked her pussy and it tasted hella fresh
by Spitzo December 04, 2005
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