A whole number between 68 and 70.
Now, let's turn the book to page 69!
by WhoDatFreshBoi May 13, 2017
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when a girl lays on a man and sucks on his cock and the man sticks his tounge in and out of her pussy making her moan.
Charlie:watching tv in the living room
Jason and Leandra:walk into Leandra's room and lock the door
Charlie: oh fuck they're going to 69
Jason:suck my cock harder bitch!!!
Leandra:screaming "oh god oh yes harder jason go faster!!!"
Jason: you like that!
Leandra:yes yes yes yes yes dont stop
Charlie:damn hes really eating her out
Charlie:wow leandra must be good at sucking cocks
Jason:holy fuck you suck my cock really fast and hard
Leandra:jason i love when we 69 it feels so fucking good
Jason and Leandra walk out
Charlie: you know i was listening the whole time
Leandra:yeah why do you think we did it
Jason: lol
Leandra: lol
Charlie:wtf lol
by jason_boy October 27, 2007
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When A guy and girl lick each other's privates at the same time
Chad jumped into Kiersten's soft bed and put her in a 69 that lasted all night long!
by SlopNChop December 18, 2016
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A simple number between 68 and 70.
How old is your father?

He's 69 why?

by DerK_ January 25, 2022
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Number. How old Ozzy is right now.
Dude, I saw 69 definitions of 69 on urban dictionary.

Why the fuck did you look that up you pervebag
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A form of "double-oral". In 69, one partner, gives oral to the other, and vice versa, named so 69, because 6 and 9 are inverts of eachother, symbolizing the type of sex. Can be practiced Male+Female, Male+Male, or Female+Female. A form of cunnilingus.
1. Dude, check out this video of your mom 69ing your girlfriend!
by Michaleawinans@aol.com December 16, 2007
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