A widely overused number in Internet Screen names. Second only to 420 in number popularity.
sk8terboi69: my nick rocks!
llamasRfun69420: my nicks pwns you!
by rezzix November 14, 2002
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A form of oral sex where all involed get some at the same time. Great to do you both get extremely horny and it all gets better.
Yo, me and the quartedback last night did some 69 and damn was it hot. I sucked and sucked better than I ever have before while he cummed all over my face and he licked me and licked me, wow, next time he wins I will be glad to 69 him some more!
by Lannie Marie February 20, 2009
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To have great oral sex while the woman sucks the man's cock and the man eats the woman's pussy
Oooh.. mmmm.. suck it! suck it! UH UH UH! Keep sucking bitch!
by Fuck me bitch June 16, 2004
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A number nerds put infront of their screen names when they think they are being funny or creative.
Joey: Hey bob look at my screen name its skater69. hahaha aren't i cool?

Bob: Yes, now lets go play Everquest, then read some world of warcraft novels, and magic the card game.
by Action Hank April 11, 2006
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a sexual intercourse position, where thefamale sucks the males's penis and the male licks her vagaina
who about some 69 baby!
by heesh April 04, 2002
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a strenuous activity in which a male must lick a female's lower body opening in order to pleasure her while the female can easily access his dodongo and enjoy sucking on it, forcing the male to have to concentrate on the sensations he is receiving in his penis while also on the sensations he is trying to help his partner achieve
i had it rough last night......69

Let's do 69!

How bout we pleasure each other orally by you sucking my penis and I eat your vagina for dinner?
by Charlie Batch December 05, 2009
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