The act of having simultanious oral sex. a 69 can be when 2 males suck each other, when 2 females eat eachother, or when a man and a woman suck AND eat eachother.
My mom always told me not to talk when I had my mouth full, so when I am 69ing, I just sit back and relax.
by uni4evr April 17, 2006
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When a guy puts his cock in the girl's mouth, and the girl puts her pussy in the guy's mouth, so they're on top of each other.
When you wanna have double action, try 69ing.
by Benji B. December 3, 2006
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Snitching on or about some
You hear about tekashi he's 69ing again
by King_T3CHL1N May 13, 2019
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69ing is when two guys simultaneously face-fuck one another.
My roomie, Matt, and I really like to get our rocks off 69ing!
by USAF Cadet July 5, 2021
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I knew she was too kinky for me when she asked me about 69ing with me. I ain't trynna go to pound-me-in-the-ass prison!
by Pope Reagan February 19, 2019
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The act of oral stimulation to oneself. Preferably in the shower.
Also called 34.5ing yourself
Timo: Daan, why are you so late today, we’re you 69ing yourself again?
Daan: Exactly, I was 69ing myself in the shower and got stuck!
by TryNotToCome January 23, 2021
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