The most beautiful person you have ever laid eyes on. If you haven’t seen or met a Leandra then you’ve never seen true beauty. She is one the most kindest women you will ever meet, her heart is made of candy. She’s just so sweet, every time you’re around her you can’t help but smile. She’s a true gift from God, if she crosses your path you get good luck for eternity. She is so strong, her prayers will make you feel as if you’re being lifted off the ground. Jew know she’s the best when you meet her. She’s just got that thing that everybody wants.
You’ve never met Leandra??! Are you even living??
by Texan_mami September 25, 2018
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Leandra is the most beautiful and kindest girl you'll ever meet, she is everything that you ever asked for and more.
She is usually shy at the start but will open up more and more about herself to you, once you really get to know her you'll fall in love with her personality instantly.

Most Leandra's usually come from Germanic decent and have all the German beauty in them.
Guy 1 : Damnnnn you see that girl there she is straight fire!
Guy 2 : What Girl?
Guy 1: The girl right there with her beautiful gray/blue eyes bro! look at her.
Guy 2 : Damn that must be a Leandra
Guy 1 : That's for sure a Leandra! she is an angel.
by deanchii August 15, 2019
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Basically sex on legs, she’s the hottest thing you’ll ever see. Literally everyone wants her. If you get to be around her, you can’t get enough of her. She’s a dime piece. She’s perfect in every way. If you see this girl, you gotta cuff her. She’s an actual angel.
That Leandra girl? Absolute dime.
by stfuboi October 15, 2019
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A girl named Leandra is usually pretty random, but is totally awesome.
She enjoys playing videogames, watching tv and movies, and loves to draw amazing drawings. Leandra is really nerdy with comics, superheros, videogame series, cartoons, etc. Leandra is a really fun girl to hangout with. She respects herself and others, but if you cross a line, she's not afraid to kick your ass. Has low self esteem but is really beautiful. Has an OCD problem with cleaning. In Latin-American, the name Leandra means- brave as a lion. The name Leandra orginated as an Latin-American name. The name Leandra is most often used as a girl name or female name.
Dang, did Leandra draw this? It's really good.

Man, I can't beat Leandra's high score.

Guy: "Who's that girl over there?"
Friend: "That's Leandra."
Guy: "Wow, she's really pretty. I'm gonna go talk to her."
by MirrorOfTwilight February 1, 2014
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A lover of dinosaurs, LSD, and boys with tattoos/guitars. Must have music at all times.
Wherever there is a dinosaur there is a Leandra admiring it.
by Prehistoricisasham February 9, 2019
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A name, usually for a girl.
Meaning great beauty.

Usually one named Leandra is very attractive to both sexes, but has low self esteem.

One who has High Sex Appeal with out knowing that they do.

Also they are usually very good at art, english, and video games. Making them the perfect girlfriend and envy of many.

Wow That girl is hot, Yep I bet shes a Leandra

That drawing is so Leandra!!

shes got so much Leandra about her!!
by Redguy3 April 27, 2009
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You slept with your english teacher?!?! thats so Leandra!
by lzicus September 18, 2007
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