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A girl named Leandra is usually pretty random, but is totally awesome.
She enjoys playing videogames, watching tv and movies, and loves to draw amazing drawings. Leandra is really nerdy with comics, superheros, videogame series, cartoons, etc. Leandra is a really fun girl to hangout with. She respects herself and others, but if you cross a line, she's not afraid to kick your ass. Has low self esteem but is really beautiful. Has an OCD problem with cleaning. In Latin-American, the name Leandra means- brave as a lion. The name Leandra orginated as an Latin-American name. The name Leandra is most often used as a girl name or female name.
Dang, did Leandra draw this? It's really good.

Man, I can't beat Leandra's high score.

Guy: "Who's that girl over there?"
Friend: "That's Leandra."
Guy: "Wow, she's really pretty. I'm gonna go talk to her."
by MirrorOfTwilight February 01, 2014
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A name, usually for a girl.
Meaning great beauty.

Usually one named Leandra is very attractive to both sexes, but has low self esteem.

One who has High Sex Appeal with out knowing that they do.

Also they are usually very good at art, english, and video games. Making them the perfect girlfriend and envy of many.

Wow That girl is hot, Yep I bet shes a Leandra

That drawing is so Leandra!!

shes got so much Leandra about her!!
by Redguy3 April 26, 2009
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Some say this is the finest form of milk chocolate that has ever graced the planet earth. But those who actually know a Le'Andra can and will tell you differently.
Most of the time taking form of La'Quisha, her annoying, angry alter ego that can annoy anyone that has to spend more than five mintues of their time with her. She also takes pride in her nipple piercings and will show them to anyone who asks. She likes whips and chains and pretty anything dealing with "sexy time."

Use caution.
"Dude that girl pulled some freaky shit on me last night... That bitch was such a Le'Andra."
by aVICTIMofAleandra October 15, 2008
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A woman from NJ Who usually has fake breast and at least two or three plastic surgery jobs done to her self. is the fairest type of woman you can meet in your life, only wears black and worries more about her shoes then anyone or anything else. Usually has a thing for white men but since her low self esteem stops her from doing anything all she does is play games...

Also usually spends money more on shoes and clothes but her car is a beater....does not know how to cook or clean or be any sort of a woman and only gold digs on men and expects them to take care of her.

Usually her sex game is horrible and boring she just lays there like a dead fish and moans like a snail of it could moan.

Stay away from anyone woman from NJ named Leandra and is usually of Hispanic decent.
Yo you see that girl over there with the chest grenades? I think she's a "Leandra" watch it bro...

Yo that girl did me dirty, should've known she was a Leandra...
by Assbread jew April 05, 2016
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