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typically a noise of passion or pleasure spoken or shouted by someone during sex.
ooo... oh... OHH OHH oooH OHHHH YEAH!

mm... ah. mm...mmm...MMM..YEAH YEAH YEAH!

all spoken typically in high pitchs.
by fuck me harder March 14, 2004
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the low sound made during sex, or during intense make out sessions. could be loud in some cases depending on intensity.
romeo: aaaah!! you rock my balls baby aaaahhh!!!
juliet: mmmmm!!! give it to me ousssssss!!! oussss!!!!! mmmmmm!!
by pimpsville August 07, 2004
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1. Something woman are good faking at :
On The Phone:

Ohh Yeah Baby.....ssss Ahh *rolling her eyes at the same time*

by tacoswithcheese December 29, 2010
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a noise that people make during sex. its usually the girl screaming OH OH OH and the guy making a deep moaning noise.
boy: moans deeply
girl: screams OU OU OU
by Mariah343 July 22, 2006
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A noise often made by a woman during sex because of pleasure.
James: Did you really bang Hope last night?
Tom: I fucked Hope so hard, you should have heard her moan.
James: How loud was she?
Tom: So loud her mom came to investigate and I ended up fucking her mom too.
by Littlefrog December 14, 2012
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