Car manufactured by Nissan. Popular because of its good weight balance, relatively low curb weight, and RWD transmission. So named because it is powered by a 2.4-litre engine.
I totalled my 240sx last night; that sucks, I loved that car.
by Tyler Hauck January 23, 2004
Nissan car that is very common in the drifting world.
Its front/rear weight balance makes it very reliable in drifting.
This car is very well made, but unfortunately it's production has been stopped, but Nissan has made a newer version of it as a concept car.
It is very modifiable, you can keep the stock engine or put in the SR20DET. Both of which are very well made.
The 1991 - 93 models have a stronger engine than the older models.
Long live the SX series
"What car do you want?"
"The 240sx"
by Nismo March 29, 2006
A 240sx is a sports car, not a sports compact. Why? It's RWD not FWD. An Integra is a sports compact.

S13's came as coupes,hatches, and the super rare convertibles. Had either the pignose or chuki bumper.

S14's came as coupes only.First were the zenkis then the koukis.

The KA24DE might be weaksauce in stock form, but can make 500+ hp if tuned right. So all you of idiots who think the SR is the answer, think again. You tune a 240 properly, it can spank Supras RX7's, and yes your Camaros and Mustangs.

That 240sx blew that Camaro away! 9.222 at 115mph, that's something else! On a KA-T also! How awesome is that?
by gahnhstjths November 5, 2006
The best car ever... EVER...
friend #1 "hey what car are you driving these days?"
friend #2 "i am driving a 240sx, i just bought it"
friend #1 "holy shit-balls" *drops dead*
by wheredidhego? November 8, 2010
an almighty force in the world that is oh so beautiful, the car is second to that of a silvia and nothing more! well... kinda?
ZiL and Fa own all other boards..

by A D V A N February 13, 2004
The best resource for this type of vehicle can be found on
Hey, you know a website where I can learn how to do an RB25 install into my 240sx?

Yeah, check out , they have a thread that shows you how.
by Hank April 3, 2005
A great handling, ok on the power, but fucked up with all kinds of the typical ricer boy shit car.
DUDE! did you see that 240sx take off it hit 80 mph but took flight cause the mofo driver put a big ass spoiler on the rear.
by i wanna drive a real car February 16, 2004