The English say Long live the king/queen when they die.

The saying can be adopted to express relief or just acknowledgment that something is over.
I took my last final today. Long live 1Ls.
by May 7, 2009
"Long live the King!" refers to the heir who immediately succeeds to a throne upon the death of the preceding monarch. Meaning the monarchy never dies even when the King does.

Long Live: To live on forever even if a soul has moved on.
"The King is Dead! Long live the King!.. The throne shall never be empty; the country shall never be without a monarch."
by CarissaXtina February 19, 2012
The phrase Scar says before he yeets his brother into the pit of death and traumatizing kids
by TortieHasOccurred July 17, 2019
A mantra one recites when supporting the first frontier of the free world a blessing bestowed on a strong fighting people who show so much courage
Long live Ukraine was the shout of the people who believed in freedom of thought expression and liberty

The graffiti artist did a piece to support

The troops and people of Ukraine
by Da Bishop May 11, 2022
a fan aphorism that expresses the love he or she feels for Katy Perry's wonk eye. This trendy phrase was originally established by Kassia Gordon, Madison Morris, Rebecca Luckman, Shannon MacKay, and Emma Plese in August 2009. Katy Perry discovered this catchphrase three days after it's original twitter posting. #longlivethewonkeye
by KatyCatMeow August 24, 2009
It is used as the greeting of the Vulcan people.
"Live Long and Prosper"
-Mr. Spock (Star Trek: TOS)
by Babbylon 5 June 29, 2005
Originally a jewish saying which was commandeered by the famous television series "Star Trek" when jewish actor Leonard Nimoy used it as the Vulcan salute. It's now used as way for us nerds and sci-fi lovers to say goodbye in a different, more permanent way.
Friend moving away to another country - "i'm gonna miss you, man". Nerd - "Live long and prosper"
by Thanos214 January 12, 2021