The most sincere expression of sympathy that remains in modern spoken idiom.
Person A: My mom just died of cancer, and I've been diagnosed with leukemia.
Person B: Wow, that sucks.
by Planeswalker_ May 25, 2009
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a word phrase used to describe something unfortunate. the phrase is most commonly used by people that were born in early to late 90s and mid to late 80s however many others still use it. the phrase has taken on a different connotation and is now considered a bad word and vulgar by many small children. this is most likely because of the possible reference to a BJ
person 1: my dog died
person 2: oh that sucks man i am so sorry
person 1: thanks but don't say that sucks my little brother is around and he was not born in the 90s
person 2: oh sorry i forgot that it turned into a bad word
person 1: it is okay i still use it out of habit sometimes too.
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That sucks may refer to a company called ThatSucks that review and fight scammers
That sucks reviews and fight scam
by rsnowboard February 6, 2019
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"(It) sucks to suck" - A remark usually made after a person experiences misfortune and/or tells others about it. Can be used to ridicule someone, as a way of expressing annoyance or frustration with a complainer, or simply as an indifferent acknowledgement of the other person's misfortune.
Dude 1: (accidentally spills drink on shirt)
Dude 2: Haha, sucks to suck!

Bro 1: Ugh, I've got three exams this week and I haven't even started studying yet.
Bro 2: Sucks to suck.

Guy 1: Man, I lost my wallet last weekend, and I still haven't found it.
Guy 2: Sucks to suck, bro.
by GottaHaveCereal April 4, 2011
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A sexual innuendo referencing a girl sucking a young mans tiny penis and enjoying it.
Yo Zack, that girl last night gave me the suck suck and she came for more this morning.
by URBAN USERRR June 15, 2018
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v: when you do something that causes you to fail or something bad to happen to you.
Dude: Wow I forgot to do my Spanish.

Bro: Well sucks to suck.
by A bromosexual. March 15, 2010
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(It) "Sucks to Suck: is a phrase used in sympathy or in sarcasm to reply to a person or situation with misfortune. Coined by Amy MacDonald.
Kavon: I hate trivia crack, I always lose.
Annie: Sucks to suck!

Kavon: I'm cold! You threw snow in my face!
Annie: Oh well, sucks to suck.
by johnfitzgerald22 March 1, 2015
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