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Mythical recreation drug. Though an actual research chemical, it's more than unlikely that it's on the streets.

Rumors of MK-801 use/abuse, a dis. anaethetic more powerful than PCP have been floating around for a while now. When I looked into MK-801, it was over $150 for 10mg, not nearly enough for any kind of high... and the precise dosages are undetermined.

If there was any recreational MK-801 use, it would be ALL OVER the dextromethorphan underground.

Still, someones best friends cousin's sister's worst enemy tried it, and ended up tripping balls for three weeks!
Yeah, Johnny MK'd out last week, he's at the state hospital now.
by zoey April 11, 2004
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Sometimes pens are used to transport small quantities of drugs.

The ink cartridge is removed, sometimes the well (the part which the cartridge fits into the stylis) is taped over, and powdered substances are packed into the pen.

I have heard once "pen" being used in slang for drugs when a dealer packages this way.
Hey, Puggy, can you get me a pen?
by zoey April 11, 2004
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where mediocre photographers with a lot of technical knowlege go to act like hotshots.

in reality, they're just a bunch of old fookers with too much time, money, and gear.
www.photo.net, go there if you think you're hot shit, don't if you need to learn something.
by zoey April 13, 2004
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A person who photographs with a Nikon camera, and is convinced it's tha bomb. In reality, Nikon has been really slipping in optical performance since the mid 1970s. Today, even Canon and Olympus Zuiko are pulling well ahead in technical specifications.

Plus, the results are usually pretty bland.
only a nikonian would be convinced that a $150 lens is "top of the line"
by zoey April 25, 2004
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nitrous oxide, a short acting disassociative anesthetic found in propellants for food products, such as whipits.

Commonly used in dental surgery, not unlike pharmocologically to pcp dxm or ketamine ect, though chemically and experintially unrelated.
hey, i've got some nitrous, do you have any ballons?
by zoey April 11, 2004
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Any puffed grain snack which is flavored like cheese, such as Cheet-o's, but in particular various generic "Cheese Puffs" which are round and.. poofy.

(as a matter of fact, my sister used this term a lot before southpark was launched.)
Dude, after smoking that hash, I sure could use some cheesy poofs.
by zoey April 11, 2004
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