Used by urban "yoots" as an alternative to "you know what I mean".

Generally an indication that the person delivering the phrase should be the subject of police interrogation as it is likely that they will be the latest contributor to britain's knife culture.
TV Interviewer: Does anyone you know carry a knife?
yoot: Yeah man, all da kids is carrying knives, innit. For protection, you get me?
by ben_jammin March 19, 2007
A query you ask someone after stating a joke that they don't get
Louis: "hey sophie did you hear that half life 3 comes out february 29th, 2019"
Sohpie: "oh wow that's awesome"
Louis: "sophie do you get me 2019 doesn't have a february 29th"
by buy me free games October 8, 2018
When someone is upset for others actions
Every time I fail that bitch Miss.Knight class I just sit there like you get me tight .
by Thotty1129 April 20, 2015
when you've dominated a situation, and every bitch knows!
I absolutely smashed that test, raah sick you get me!

This caviar is delightful, raah sick you get me!

I just met James Hancock, raah sick you get me!
by Lexington Steele's bitch March 22, 2013
getting your butthole tight. nothing like a good butt clenching.
definitely not about being upset at something.
Oh you get me so tight. (my butt is getting tight)
by FrickTACAN March 1, 2018
Can you get me a 20 dollar gift card for the app store
"HEY MOM Can you get me a 20 dollar gift card for the app store "
by Bandaid_guttz September 1, 2021