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Rarely used to discribe Coricedin, an OTC form of dextromethorphan.

Said in parody of special k a relative to DXM, irony known really only to dexheads who know it's pharmocology well enough.
I'm going to Bi-Rite to buy some Special C.
by Zoey April 11, 2004
Used in regard to camera collectors who do not use, nor know how to use their equiptment.

May be seen with a camera in public, but isn't likely going to ever develop the film. If they do develop the film, they admire on the sharpness and color qualities, and quickly disregard the photographs to continue fondling their camera.

Usually a leicaphile but may also be a contaxian. Canonites and and Nikonites usually fall under the catagory of a wanker.
all he does is stroke over his new leica m7, i mean, have you actually seen any of his photos? What a fondler.
by Zoey April 25, 2004
Originating from as far as I can tell, the Gothic Music Chatroom on AOL, back a few years ago before the baby bats took over meaning love life and the drama (which goths TOTALLY love) which follows on AOL chat rooms...

However, I personally use it to describe all online relationships, esp when there is a lot of drama in a tight-nitched room.
Awww, they broke up their AORelationship, now where is all the AOLove?
by Zoey April 11, 2004
a mysterious place that few dexheads have actually been to, but all seek after. It's the quasi-quivalent to a k-hole with ketamine, but apperantly much harder to achieve.

Much debate resolves around sigma and the existance of a fourth plateau, or if sigma is 4p only in a different setting or if it's a different plateau all together .. or even if it's a plateau at all.
Yeah, I hear sigma is pretty strange, but as far as I can tell, the third just keeps going forever.
by Zoey April 11, 2004
Though generaly female, not always the case.

Kindergoths are anyone, usually younger than 16, who listen to music which isn't gothic, when asked don't really know much about gothic subculture, and are pretty much unaware of the post modern gothic movement or the romantic gothic movement as a whole. Yet a kindergoth will *always* claim to be "gothic" or "goth".

This is really the biggest difference betwene what gothic elitists may see as a kindergoth, and what the rest of us non-übergoths see as a kindergoth. A kindergoth to most people is simply someone who calls themselves gothic, but doesn't know anything about the subculture, in particular nothing about the music.
Jen? She listens to slipknot. I dunno man, seems to me it should take more than dressing the part.
by Zoey April 11, 2004
bufftingaling - person hu iz gd lukin or buff
zoe - "omg iznt ?????????? sucha btal?"
jenny- "yh omg i no hes sooo fine"
by Zoey February 20, 2005