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The name johnny stands for confident and fearless . your knight in shining armor . a handsome guy that's very good at flirting and can get you falling for him in seconds . his smile is the most adorable thing you've seen and he can give you butterflies the moment you make eye contact with those big brown eyes . he is very smart and likes to know things , likes things to go a certain way , he's very humorous as well and loves to sext ;) He likes to have lots of homies and is not afraid to get in a fist fight if he has to . Johnny's are usually a mommas boy :)
Curious,humorous,mommas boy,flirty,sexy,
I love you Johnny
by $hãwty March 22, 2017
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Such an amazing person. A Johnny is someone who cares for most people and who ever he had his eyes on can never ever stop thinking about them. A Johnny is someone so good-looking,better looking than almost everyone and stands out from everyone,he is very popular and he can always have a laugh with you. He never worries for himself and helps anyone and makes sure everyone is ok he will risk most for the people around him. A Johnny is someone you want in your life.
by XxpaynxX February 20, 2019
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A very strange guy you can hardly understand, but you will always want to be around him, he will bring the best out of you.
The feelings johnny gives me can't be explained.
by Anyanksd16 March 17, 2017
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Angel: God dayum look at that guy!
Reggie: Yeah dude, He Johnny.
by Elite209 August 02, 2016
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A straight SAVAGE that is destined to make an impact in the world . Will be very RICH and a straight BADASS. Fearless. People look up to JOHNNY. Compare him to GOD himself . A STRAIGHT LEGEND.
Girl - Omg did you see Johnny ?
Girl 2- DUH how would I miss such a beautiful amazing person
by CoolBeansBro11 December 10, 2018
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he is a amazing person he’ll always care about you even if it’s 3 or 4 AM . he’s very kind and cute and if you don’t have a Johnny in your life you’re missing out because you’ll need one . also he’s very nice and he’ll love you no matter what (:
me : I’m sad

Johnny : what do you need i’ll do anything to make you smile .
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by B ❤️ November 22, 2017
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