Most Seductive person then anyone. If yoy stare in his eyes for few seconds. Your eyes will melt due to his ultimate beauty.
Johnny is 24/7 enjoying his best life and no issues in life that comes by
by TopSuperior21 February 19, 2021
The name johnny stands for confident and fearless . your knight in shining armor . a handsome guy that's very good at flirting and can get you falling for him in seconds . his smile is the most adorable thing you've seen and he can give you butterflies the moment you make eye contact with those big brown eyes . he is very smart and likes to know things , likes things to go a certain way , he's very humorous.He likes to have lots of homies and is not afraid to get in a fist fight if he has to. A Johnny is a boy who would care more for his homies than himself. Also he feast his eyes on the most beautiful girl. ❤️❤️

Johnny, ur homies have you back.
U mess with home you mess with us.
by Uare_beautifull_sikeyourmom December 8, 2019
Happiest and most sexiest person living right on this planet with us.
Johnny is a cool man
by TopSuperior21 January 10, 2021
Johnny is the most tender and kindhearted guy you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He is loyal, sweet, compassionate and super fun! He sticks by those he loves through thick and thin. if you have a Johnny in your life, hold onto him.

Johnny wants to make others feel better and never wants to see his loves ones upset. no one could be deserving of his friendship, but they have it because he loves unconditionally.
person: man that kid Johnny is great!
Bush: yeah, that's my bestie :)
by HUNGY BOI'S FRIEND BUSH September 1, 2020
“Dad I made a Religion
It is called the Johnny religion
Johnny is the god
by Lukiewally September 23, 2021
The strongest, and most top alpha males u may encounter. Not every Johnny is alpha but few can be. He knows how to make friends less then a second because hes way too cool
Johnny is savage
by TopSuperior21 February 19, 2021