After recieving a vigorous blowjob your penis hurts.
"Dude, that girl was all teeth. I think she gave me brain hurts when I walk."
-Elijah 1998
true story.
by FatBox August 26, 2006
Damage to the brain, usually defined by dead brain cells which would otherwise survive, is known to be caused by several things:
-fetal alcohol syndrome
-being constantly on speed for about 3 days
-large quantities of Ecstasy (a massive overdose)
-incompetently synthesized synthetic drugs
-being constantly drunk for about 3 days
-being hit on the head reeeal hard (see child abuse)
-being raised by fundies
Many people will claim that *any* mind-altering substance causes brain damage, but since this has never been scientifically demonstrated, these people are generally ignorant. See Church of Voodoo Pharmacology (assuming the editors have accepted it).

The general result is retardation, and it can cause the victim to join the fundies or other cults. It can also cause epilepsy, which can increase the ease of acceptance in a fundie cult because many of them view seizures as divine possession.
Popular exponents of brain damage include Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, George W. Bush, the KKK, and Ronald Reagan. The latter was so evil that his brain attempted suicide, causing Alzheimer's disease.
by jazzriff October 14, 2005
What happens when you discover any type of pornografic content when you are less that 10 years old.
Me: Personally, i have a theory.
Psychologist: What theory?
Me: I think the exposue to unsupervised and grafic pornografic content at a very young age as given my brain damage.
Psychologist: Good theory.
by Fgyjt March 6, 2022
A name of an Eminem song where he tells the story about a dude from his time in high school fucking him up and putting him in a coma however it's an exaggeration but most of the story is true.
Chorus: repeat 2X

Brain damage, ever since the day I was born
Drugs is what they used to say I was on
They say I never knew which way I was goin'
But everywhere I go they keep playin my song
by Arfbizit May 2, 2011
Short as fuck and is named Cameron Bermani
Cameron has Brain Damage
by David likes Big Macs April 16, 2019
Prolonged exposure to someone else's brain damage to the point a small part of their brain damage causes negative effects to those witnessing their behavior.
i just got secondhand brain damage from scrolling through a flat earth twitter thread
by Mattdiction July 23, 2021