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Another name for the Nation of Islam, an American organization aimed towards helping blacks. Named for its current leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. (formerly Louis Eugene Wolcott)
Farrakhanism is another name for Black Islam.
by yeyYAY June 12, 2006
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A limp or hanging/dangling penis.

Funny-sounding word.

Vietnamese money unit.
Remember, I was the guy who came to prom with my suit painted on my body, and I spilled my drink, and see, the paint ran, so you could see my dong just hangin' there? (Saving Silverman--Jack Black)
by yeyYAY June 13, 2006
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A man whose favorite part of the female anatomy (i.e. to look at/stick his penis in) is the butt.

Also spelled "ass-man."
And that was when I realized: I'm an assman!
by yeyYAY June 13, 2006
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In Spanish (or Mexico's DF, at least) means a guy who wasn't circumcised, or just as the adjective "uncircumcised". This comes from Cheetos, a brand of crunchy, cheesy, irregularly-shaped crisps from Frito-Lay. I think it can also mean the actual uncircumcized member.
Ese tipo es cheto.

Ese cheto es un bendejo.

He's a cheto because his uncircumcised schlong looks like a Cheeto.
by yeyYAY June 10, 2006
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A religious movement originating in the 1930s in the USA. Black Islam (also known as Farrakhanism for its current leader or Nation of Islam) was founded by Wallace Fard Muhammad in response to whites' racism. It is not true Islam, and takes its beliefs from Christianity and Islam and Elijah's personal beliefs (not to be unfair, but it's true). It holds that the Bible and the Qu'ran are equal in authority and teaches that blacks must do anything to get back at the white man for revenge. It gained a pretty large following, but I think membership has declined since its birth, I'm not too sure. Some members were quite active in politics, e.g. Malcolm X (he changed his name from his "slave name" Malcolm Little). However, after Malcolm was true to his faith and took his hajj to Mecca, he came back a changed man. There he had learned true Islam and converted to Muhammad's (pbuh) preached religion, as well as bringing Muhammad Ali} with him. Malcolm X changed his name to El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz and quit the Nation of Islam, for which he was later assassinated, some believe (the assassination; he definitely became a Sunni Muslim).

Anyway, one of Wallace's disciples, Elijah Poole (who later became Elijah Muhammad) started to preach that Wallace Fard was the Messiah, and God in person form (like Christians' view of Jesus).

If there are any Black Muslims out there reading this, feel free to correct me or add anything.
Black Islam is a religious as well as socio-political organization to improve the welfare of African Americans. It has been called sexist, homophobic, and racist, but also has been praised as helpful to black businesses and for improving inner city neighborhoods.
by yeyYAY June 12, 2006
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Short for limousine, which is a long luxury car driven by a chauffeur, in case you're an idiot.
I rented a limo to the prom.
by yeyYAY August 18, 2006
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Just a straight guy who likes to look good and take care of his body. People won't think the ubersexual is gay if they see him or meet him (as opposed to hearing about things he does). They're also not effeminate pussies likes metrosexuals. Some also do "gay" stuff like see plays and operas, but that just means they like that stuff.

**Not that any of this stuff means a guy isn't gay anyway. If he has "the voice" or owns a poodle or a shih tzu or whatever that little gay dog is, I'd say he's gay.**
Straight Guy: Man, you coordinate your outfits and got a haircut at a chick place? You're so gay!

Ubersexual: Nah, dude, I just like to look good. I'm still straight and like to do normal guy stuff. I'm ubersexual.

SG: Oh! You're right! That stuff doesn't mean you're gay at all!

U: Duh.
by yeyYAY August 22, 2006
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