Dude or brother or similar terms to describe someone or a friend.
by the lemon man January 26, 2004
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Used very much by Argentineans, it is like using "like" , for using as an example, comparing with something, about to impersonate an ocassion or for "guy"
-Y yo estaba tipo : "Y este tipo quien se piensa que es?"
(And I was like: "And this guy who does he think he is?"
by C.--- September 11, 2006
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160mph car especially the 1.9TD
The aerodynamics are so good you will definitely get 160mph minimum.
by Ows February 27, 2005
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Tipo (TEE-poh): n. A malapropism resulting from not-so-smart-phone auto-mis-correction. See also: fucking autocorrect.
"Congratulations! I just read about your engorgement in the newspaper!"

Mom: "I will come get u at 9 if there will be a saggy vag for me."
Him: "WTF?!"
Mom: "doggy bag! Good christ this phone."

Her: "Hey -- I locked myself out. Can you bring me my spare cockring?"
Him: "Please tell me that's a tipo."
Her: "...fucking iPhone. Keyring!"
by don.doe March 1, 2011
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When your illiterate, dumb, ignorant cunt of a boss proofreads your flawless document and reports to you that ‘...there are a few tipos’ but he is too simple to understand what the definition of irony is.
‘Adam- a good document, but I noted a couple of tipos in there’
by Jables June 6, 2019
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You'd write this if your grammar was terrible. It'd be considered a typo.
Hey dude you're story has a tipo in it, you should concentrate a bit more on you'regrammer.
by MarComiX May 11, 2009
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1. Spanish phrase; smooth type

2. Ladies man

3. A phrase seen on billboard advertisements for cigarettes in the inner-city, usually a barrio
Ever since he took those salsa dance lessons, he thinks he is such a tipo suave with the chiquitas.
by LeRoy January 21, 2004
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