1. A vulgar synonym for the penis, most commonly used as a term for big phallusses.
2. The currency of Vietnam.
3. Part of the onomatopoeia for the sound of a bell: "ding dong"
1. He has a big dong.
2. The Dong is worth very little.
3. "Ding dong!"
by Matryoshka May 25, 2016
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Slang; see penis. Often used to describe a large penis, it can also be used to describe a "average-sized" one or a small one.
My husband's dong is tiny.
Did you see his dong?!
My dong is massive and powerful!
by Chantal Charisse July 28, 2004
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1. Colloquial term for the penis.
2. An idiot. Similar to referring to someone as a cock, prick...etc
1. I have a fat dong.
2. Dave is a right dong!
by Law July 10, 2004
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Colloquial vulgar expression, referring to the male genitalia, especially the penis.
by GuidoPosse69 February 8, 2005
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A penis of unusually high weight/mass/girth.
"Did you see the size of his dong?"
"Yeah, it weighed 3 pounds!"
by Hansome Harry October 8, 2007
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