A distinguished gentleman who can appreciate and prefer the finer things in life...such as a woman's booty. Often picks his dates from the back.
Sarah only seems to attract assman because she has a damn ghetto booty. Ain't nothin wrong with that!
by Ghetto Fabulous November 28, 2003
See Cosmo Kramer, the assman.
(In the parking lot just outside the hospital, Kramer has pulls into a "Doctors Only" space)

Security Guard: Can I help you?

Kramer: Ah, yeah. Doctor Cosmo Kramer. (points to assman plate) Proctology.

Security Guard: Oh, oh, okay. Sure...

Kramer: Thanks. Have a good day.
by EliteNavySeals August 31, 2005
A man whose favorite part of the female anatomy (i.e. to look at/stick his penis in) is the butt.

Also spelled "ass-man."
And that was when I realized: I'm an assman!
by yeyYAY June 14, 2006
Gives a thumbs up, an ass that is.
Hey that guy's an assman he gottafat thumb for da booties
by Flamin Spaz November 10, 2012
Wal-mart slang for assistant manager. Used disparagingly.

From ass(istant) + man(ager).
Everybody back to work, here comes the assman!
by Miryam Websta February 12, 2009
Someone who has their act together and really enjoys life; willing to share their success and treat their friends well; originating from the proctologist with the "ASS MAN" license plate in the Seinfeld episode.
Clark hooked us all up with tickets to the Metalica show - he is the assman!
by Jim July 25, 2003