a sound in which a person or a crowd makes when a person gets in trouble
David got ooed when the teacher asked to talk with him
by RomeTwinn March 31, 2017
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an interjection used to express surpise, frustration, pleasure, admiration, or awe
oo you touched my tralala.
by papermachete October 27, 2005
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'oo' pronounced: like in the words: too, new, noob, etc.
can be put in to any sentence or phrase in different moods or describing your emotion toward something or someone. basicly 'oo' can be use if your happy, suprized or confused, sad, or if you simpily got hit in the back of your head (or when you get hit by someone or something)
happy - oo (^^)

suprized - oo? (huh?)

sad - oo... (;-;)

hurt - oo!! (ouch!!)
by Gan_Ning_of_the_Darkness November 2, 2006
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An emoticon used to represent an e30 BMW.
I used to drive a oo==oo...it was fun.
by VooDooXII September 11, 2006
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