Another name for the Nation of Islam, an American organization aimed towards helping blacks. Named for its current leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. (formerly Louis Eugene Wolcott)
Farrakhanism is another name for Black Islam.
by yeyYAY June 12, 2006
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Louis Farrakhan called Judaism a "gutter religion". He's just an asshole trying to rile up black people.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
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A racist, anti-white, anti-semitic leader of the racist cult the Nation of Islam.

Promotes hatred of whites and Jews, and believes whites were created in a lab, are white devils, and that Judaism is a gutter religion.

Propegates hatred against whites and Jews while hiding behind the tired defense that blacks can't be racist, when they infact can.
What up white devil? You opppress the black man. I want you all to kill the white man, the white devils, and Jews, they knew about 9/11, they hate us. Kill them, but pretend we can't be racist.
by dave July 10, 2004
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The leader of the Nation of Islam who was at one time the understudy to Malcolm X and who rebuilt the NOI after the death of Elijah Muhammad. Farrakhan uses the teachings of Elijah Muhammad to teach and promote unity amongst black people and puts high emphasis on their advancement and potential upliftment.
Louis Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam.
by Mike January 18, 2005
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n. Inability for the person to endorse a person because of an individuals status. Usually they are a controversial figure or diametrically opposed to the candidates views. It also entails picking the lesser of the evils and having an overall disdain for the institution of the government.

Ron Pauls support of Obama. He is a republican so he has to give him a Farrakhan Endorsement. Colin Powell saying he is "undecided" about who he will vote for. Sharpton saying "I realize I will hurt a candidate, so I wont endorse him."
by Peter Wilkins May 04, 2008
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