19 definitions by wichita

The old Datsun that is rusting in my back yard.
I have a 26 year old Datsun 310 that is no longer driveable
by wichita March 23, 2006
A doctor who will give a prescription (or sometimes free samples) for any drug that a patient asks for.
I went to Doctor Dope and got a bunch of diet pills, pain pills and sleeping pills.
by wichita July 11, 2008
It's the one people always talk about, the mythical/legendary big one. why isn't it already defined?
Refers to anything big, a big piece of food, a big sex organ, a big butt, or anything else that is big.
Hah! He bit the big one!
by wichita March 17, 2008
Somewhat arcane term referring to a Japanese car, ie, Honda, Datsun/Nissan, Toyota etc.
Some people dislike the rice grinder type of car, I have owned several and would gladly buy another.
by wichita June 28, 2006
A phrase that can be used when one wants someone to leave, now, esp. if that someone is being annoying to the point of asking for a serious ass beating.
Annoying person: "give me something of value and I will go in peace"

person being annoyed: "you can go in dog shit, dingle balls, I've heard about enough out of you."
by wichita November 11, 2006
A major fuck up. Airbus was unwise to develop such an airliner without a large number of orders on the books.
The A380 may never earn a profit for Airbus/EADS but it doesn't matter, European taxpayers have already paid for it.
by wichita January 5, 2008
Eating a very large meal; eating so much that ones stomach is so full that one feels that it might actually break open. Often times this feeling results in one falling asleep while watching t.v.
I ate so much I thought I might bust a gut.

Let's go to that new Mexican place and bust a gut!
by wichita January 6, 2008