19 definitions by wichita

A goofy guy, usually ugly, who you hang out with sometimes just because you know him from somewhere, like school or work, have similar interests, and can't seem to exclude him without being particularly mean or hateful.
Man, Barge Bohump came over last night and wouldn't leave till we smoked all his weed.
by wichita October 24, 2007
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The old Datsun that is rusting in my back yard.
I have a 26 year old Datsun 310 that is no longer driveable
by wichita March 23, 2006
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A doctor who will give a prescription (or sometimes free samples) for any drug that a patient asks for.
I went to Doctor Dope and got a bunch of diet pills, pain pills and sleeping pills.
by wichita July 11, 2008
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A woman with excessively limp buttocks, so much so that they sag noticeably no matter what she is wearing.
Look at those droopy drawers on that gal, don't you want some of that?
by wichita January 8, 2008
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German word meaning run, ride or drive. It has no scatological reference in the German language.
Stupid Americans believe that fahrt is the same as fart, but it is not. Quit being stupid, Americans.
by wichita August 7, 2006
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Bill Clinton did it. Al Gore almost did it. John Kerry didn't do it. Now Bush is almost gone anyway, licked by time, one might say.
Can anybody lick Bush? Bill Clinton Did!
by wichita October 23, 2008
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Noun, plural. Singular: Cylon.

A bio-mechanical race of workers developed in a distant part of the galaxy by humans not of terrestrial origin. Forced to work as slaves, the Cylons eventually turned on their creators and nearly destroyed them before a cease fire was called.

The Cylons continued to evolve, and the latest versions are nearly identical to humans and may be able to mate and reproduce with them.

Still angry about their past treatment, the Cylons have once again set out to destroy all humans everywhere.
The Cylons are about to attack, are you prepared to die?
by wichita October 28, 2006
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