A punishment, usually physical, using crude but enjoyable forms of assault.

Preferably with a nail club
Bitch is getting an ass beating next time I see him.
by Jason Hiestand April 16, 2007
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Thats simply mean a really good track
Dude1: What the hell i can't believe the shit i hear...
Dude2: Yeah homie A Dope Ass Beat...
Dude2: Can you dig it :) ?
by Drumy August 19, 2008
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1. The act of beating one's ass, for either pleasure or punishment.
2. synimon for haul-ass, only beating ass is much faster.
3. a derogitory slur for someone with an unusually red ass.
1. guy one:Oh damn homie, you shoulda been there last night.
guy two: shit dog what happened??
guy one: i beat-ass homes.
guy two: get the fuck away from me.

2. oh shit it's the cops, time to beat-ass

3. damn son, you gotta beat ass.
by Sean C94. January 31, 2008
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someone who is cheap and never has pot or money or anything and begs for everything

syn. bum
by Not a beat ass August 13, 2006
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to beat up, mostly in the ass region. Happens most frequently with a homosexual or bisexual male getting mad at another male and beating their ass, perhaps even attempting to rape.
"Kenny was beating ass again."
"Did he use his finger?"
"No, Fist......"
by Kenny Foreman February 23, 2008
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