Part of the anatomy below the back and above the legs, the ASS.
Mary Ann has a bangin back yard.
by Scott Freah September 22, 2006
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Two homosexuals that live near one another and usually have sex without their wives knowing.
Damn, I had no idea John and Dan were back yard buddies!
by FineAsFuck1234 October 5, 2015
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A girl who has to sneak around to be with the person she loves so that his or her parents won't see her with him/her!
Yo I had to sneak in my back yard girl so my parents wouldn't see her!
by Izzy2016 March 24, 2016
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The act of having coitus with some one while there family is asleep in the home.

Getting oral sex in a back yard.

Drinking to much and having intercourse in the yard.
I got some Back Yard Boogie from Sonia last night!

Dave wanted the Back Yard Boogie, but I had a headache.

Back Yard Boogie turns me on even when your Mom is home.
by BootyWagon November 4, 2010
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The act of having anal sex while the receiving partner has diarrhea all over the other partners penis.
"Wait, stop! Maybe Taco Bell was a bad idea. I'm about to back yard Coney Island all over you!"
by Deetskeet May 5, 2013
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Simply meaning, the way things are done "Back Home".
Straight from back a yard, man. Straight from Jamaica.
by Bobby Long November 22, 2006
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Very low grade pot.
"Don't get it from Paulie, hes got that back yard boo boo." He really does.
by Melfstah February 20, 2007
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